Single Mum Goes From Benefits to a £50,000 per Year Amazon Business

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Single Mum Goes From Benefits to a £50,000 per Year Amazon Business

October 5, 2016, 09:11 ET

London, UK:

Marie McManus, aged 30, a single mum who home educates her 3 children aged 5, 7 and 9. She lives in West Yorkshire and used to work in McDonalds. That was her first job when she left school. Gone from being in a turbulent relationship with a drug addict and from being on benefits to creating her own trademarked brand (Retro Dig) which sells vintage, retro and industrial style lighting on EBay and Amazon. Business opened in December 2015 and on the way to turning over £50,000 in its first year she have earned power seller status on EBay and she is now helping other women start their Amazon and EBay businesses (link to website She is happy to share some important ideas of being successful.

Marie believes that if she can make a success of her new business, whilst being a single mum as well as home -educating her 3 children, anyone can.

“It annoys me when people say they ‘don’t have time’. We all have the same amount of time, it’s how you prioritise your time that’s important. If I can start a business whilst being a single mum who also home -educates my 3 children-then anyone can”!

Marie thinks that schools in the UK today should encourage entrepreneurship.

“The schooling system today in the UK is flawed. What’s unfortunate is that it doesn’t provide kids with enough opportunities to grow in the ‘real world’. Children stuck inside a classroom all day putting pen-to-paper are limited from all of the amazing learning opportunities there are in day to day life. I believe schools need to give children the chance to grow as individuals and allow them to be their unique selves and work on their strengths rather than putting them all in an ‘age’ category and testing them on things which they are just not naturally made for. Then making them feel ‘stupid’ once they fail. It’s no wonder that 80% of the adult population are miserable in their jobs. I also believe that the education system should encourage entrepreneurship so that more school-leavers, who can’t find a job, will feel confident in starting up their own business. The world is changing at a rapid rate but unfortunately the education system here isn’t.”

“When I left school, I had passed all my GCSE’s  grades A-C, I started working at McDonalds as, at the time,  I didn’t want to step foot in another learning establishment. Later, I qualified in Beauty Therapy and started my own business which turned over just £5000 per year. Times were admittedly hard, I had 3 children and a drug-addicted partner. Looking back now, I realise I was depressed at the time. I had to rely on benefits because the profits from my business were low.”

Marie eventually broke free from her turbulent relationship and began to build herself back up. In 2015 she started her Amazon and EBay business ‘Retro Dig’ which sells vintage and industrial lighting. She quickly became an EBay ‘power seller and, in her first year alone, she is projected to make a turnover of £50,000. 10 times what she used to make as a beautician.

She is now helping other women start their Amazon and EBay businesses (sign up at

“I hope my story inspires not just single mothers, but women, who are keen to start their own business and would benefit from some help and guidance”.


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