Express Rent A Cheap Car Now Offering Student Packages for Car Rentals Across California

Express Rent A Cheap Car Now Offering Student Packages for Car Rentals Across California

Summary: Making it easier for students to travel on a budget, Express Rent A Cheap Car in San Diego is now providing budget-friendly car rentals for students who want to travel in a cost-effective manner.
(Nov 30, 2016) – Based in San Diego, California, Express Rent A Cheap Car is a company that aims to make travelling easier for students in their state. The company offers affordable car rental services that students can benefit from, instead of opting for more expensive public transport methods like Uber etc. According to statistics, over 70% of students in California now use car rental services for their day-to-day travelling needs. Market research also shows that students can save up to 58% more with car rental services, as opposed to public transport or owning a car.
While owning a car can cost a lot of money on maintenance and upkeep, public transport can also be a hassle for students who have to shape their time tables around the availability of transport. With car rentals, students can hire a vehicle for a cheaper rate over a period of time during which they don’t have to worry about maintenance costs. Furthermore, students can also navigate anywhere freely without having to wait for public transport.
A spokesperson for Express Rent A Car made a statement for the press release and discussed the company’s services “Here at Express Rent A Cheap Car, we offer our services via our office location and our website. Our aim is to provide a highly personalized and hassle free car rental service that is specifically designed for students who want to save money on transport and travel. San Diego students can now take advantage of our unique services and save a ton of money every month.”
The spokesperson further added “Students can make a reservation on our website with just a few simple steps and leave the rest up to us. When they show up at our office location, their vehicle will be ready to go. Renting a car is much more affordable than owning and maintaining a personal vehicle and we recommend all students to check out our services if they are looking for a convenient and cost-effective method of transport.”
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