Roberts Markland, LLP brings quality and professionalism to the legal practice in Houston, Texas.

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Roberts Markland, LLP brings quality and professionalism to the legal practice in Houston, Texas.
Texas law firm, Roberts Markland LLP, brings quality and professional legal practice close to the people of Houston, with legal services covering different areas of law.
Roberts Markland, LLP is one of the premier law firms in Houston, Texas, offering a wide range of legal services to both businesses and individuals. The firm, is comprised of trial lawyers experienced in different areas of law ranging from insurance claims to 18-wheeler accidents to commercial litigation and white collar criminal defense.
Roberts Markland, LLP does not only help to protect injured persons and organizations in Texas but also practices in states across the US. The attorneys at Roberts Markland, LLP have tried cases to verdict all across the nation, and brought positive results to clients.
It’s not strange for the guilty to get the best out of some cases, leaving the injured feeling dejected and cheated. Injury claims and cases need professional attention to avoid the injured from being exploited. It’s important that professionals handle the issues to ensure the best possible outcomes.
Roberts Markland, LLP handles complex cases, with colleagues from across the state requesting their services and trusting that only the best results come out of any case handled by Roberts Markland, LLP.
Other types of claims and cases handled by Roberts Markland, LLP include Personal Injury, 18-Wheeler Accidents, Criminal Defense, White Collar Criminal Defense, Offshore / Maritime Injury, Drug & Medical Device Injuries, Railroad Accidents, Aviation Accidents, Industrial Injury and Commercial Litigation.
Roberts Markland, LLP also has almost two decades of experience in handling cases for clients like Darden Group, Comcast Cable, Kentucky Fried Chicken, ExxonMobil, GattiTown, Pfizer, and TimeWarner.