Swiss-QA: Providing Ultimate Protection To Phones

Thursday, February 16st , 2017: Swiss-QA is all set to provide customers with the best of phone accessories. Their vision is to deliver high quality, Swiss standard products that will stimulate complete satisfaction of the customer. At Swiss-QA, a product goes through the various quality assurance tests, before it is offered to the clients. Their array of products includes chargers, earphones, iPhone cables, iPhone cases, tempered glass, etc.

iPhone has been over and over been awarded as the best phone, and the best phone deserves only the best accessories. This has been the mission of Swiss-QA, to deliver the best for the best. They have an amazing collection of beautiful, yet solid iPhone cases. They believe that instead of buying something cheap and fancy, it is rather vital to invest in a case that will actually protect the phone. Another form of protection that Swiss-QA provides is through their tempered glasses. A tempered glass is a must to avoid scratches and cracks in the phone’s screen.

Having their presence in Switzerland, Canada, Europe, and now global after their deal with Amazon, Swiss-QA follows a strict quality assurance process. The process has few tests and a checklist of 7 characteristics that their products must possess. If a product does not meet the checklist standards, it is eliminated therein from the process, and never reaches the customers. These ethics are what give Swiss-QA the confidence of selling all their products with a life-time warranty.

At their online store you will find a customize option, where you can put changes to your selected product, and your personalized order will reach your doorsteps without any shipping charges. So give protection to your expensive smartphone in a very inexpensive way. Visit their website for details:


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