DirectPhone announces the launch of Facebook Messenger Bot service for a total of 22 countries located in six continents.

The innovative and customer-focused management of DirectPhone has launched their Facebook Messenger Bot service in a total of 22 countries that are spread on six continents. The service would now be available for users in popular countries of every continent which would make communication during their holidays and business trips, easy.

The Facebook Messenger Bot service was introduced after seeing the high calling rates that users had to pay when trying to reach their loved ones, from a foreign country. Either they had to purchase a local SIM or had to make calls from their current mobile phone numbers. In the former, users had to pay expensive international call rates to reach anyone in the country of their residence. May that be family, friends or company colleagues, they had to pay international calling rates. Each minute’s call was costing them a fortune.

In the latter, users had to pay roaming charges. When a person visits a foreign country and still keeps their mobile phone number switched on then every incoming or outgoing call, costs them. Apart from receiving text messages which are normally free, every call made or received, adds a decent amount of charges to their bill. This has resulted in two problems. One is the expensive bill amount and the second is the inability to reach the people at a specific time. Both, these issues prompted DirectPhone to introduce Facebook Messenger Bot service.

With the new service people visiting any of the 22 countries can easily contact anyone in the country of their residence by using a local phone number. It would allow the users to contact anyone anytime at a nominal one-off rate. Moreover, the use of the service does not require an internet connection. This simple service is very easy to use and does not require a lengthy understanding manual.

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