Anne Klein Quartz 1414BKGB Women’s Watch: Sporty Style, Dazzling Design

Anne Klein Quartz 1414BKGB Women's WatchResin and stainless steel put together in its construction, the Anne Klein Quartz 1414BKGB Women’s Watch is a timepiece for the busy yet classy woman and requires almost no maintenance. That’s to say, as long as you give it a wipe everyday and remain careful about the battery changes every couple of years, the Anne Klein Quartz 1414BKGB Women’s Watch will keep running and shining as good as new for many years to come.

Topped with a mineral crystal to protect the face, it adds the extra protection to preserve its pristine look. Mineral crystal is highly resistant to scratches and shattering; more than enough to withstand the abuses a regular, hectic urban lifestyle can bring. Being water resistant up to 90 feet and with a resin strap, the Anne Klein Quartz 1414BKGB Women’s Watch is fit to be worn when you are in the mood for recreational swimming and safe from sudden splashes and showers. It is not a diving watch, so surfing or other kinds of deepwater activities are discouraged. Being careful with these points for that much, the Anne Klein Quartz 1414BKGB Women’s Watch is going to work well for many years with zero trouble.

The Anne Klein Quartz 1414BKGB Women’s Watch is more than just being a casual timepiece. It is a reliable time-keeper that makes for a great fashion accessory. The oomph factor is the single diamond index on the dial at 12’o clock; to make sure you can flaunt it for many years; it houses a dependable, Japanese-quartz movement inside.

The Anne Klein Womens Watches are from a manufacturer that stood the test of time in popularity, elegance and style. The gold-tone, stainless steel case and the black resin band combo works well with every outfit from business suits to formal dresses and not-so-casual leisurewear; thus, it quickly becomes a staple piece in any woman’s wardrobe. It, for sure, sets the trends in impeccable fashion, amping-up the wearer’s presence with a touch of class and elegance. It’s a definite timepiece that steals glances with its exceptional, slick luxe; a large part of which is due to the almost ceramic like finish of the resin band within the steel framework. It imparts the gold more prominence, bringing out a luxurious appeal fitting any and every occasion; the simple, jewelry clasp-closure contributing generously to it. An infinite classic, if you really want to fit the Anne Klein Quartz 1414BKGB Women’s Watch under a definition.

Bottom line: With more than an acceptable build quality at what you call a throwaway price, the Anne Klein Diamond Quartz Women’s Watch is a blend of two different materials that are poles apart yet form a harmonious combination in toughness, without curbing down either on accuracy or aesthetics.

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