Blockbooster Gears Up for Pre-ICO Phase 3

Following the stellar success of its first two Initial Coin Offering segments, Blockbooster is proud to announce the commencement of the third installment of its Pre-ICO phases. Kick-starting on February 15th, Pre-ICO Phase 3 is slated to run until March 15th inviting users to purchase Blockbooster tokens at an effective rate of just US$0.5 per token. The preliminary stages of the Pre-ICO garnered massive attention where investors were bestowed with lucrative bonuses. Due to popular demand, the pre-ICO phase which was stipulated to end earlier in the month has been extended even further, paving way for enthusiasts to contribute and becoming part of this budding development.

Cryptocurrency and digital entertainment are the two up-and-coming industries worldwide. A union of the two would engender a truly democratic platform. Blockbooster’s recent success in its ICO phases further solidifies this notion among investors and enthusiasts alike.” comments Blockbooster CEO and Founder Francis Fitzpatrick upon witnessing the unprecedented success of the platform.

Through blockchain technology-based smart contracts, Blockbooster allows both content creators and viewers to achieve their desired goals with utmost transparency and fairness. The audience can relish content of diversifying genres and gain monetary benefits through a simplistic system of ‘liking’ and ‘sharing’ content, while creators can see their work being propagated through social media globally, thereby enhancing their following as well generating revenue from the same. However, the real distinction lies in its token program. Happy viewers can further express their gratitude by gifting Blockbooster tokens to their favorite content creators. Not only does this financially aid the latter, but it spurs them to churn out more enthralling content.

Blockbooster is revolutionizing the digital entertainment industry with its unique reward system, setting itself apart from traditional entertainment platforms which have become cumbersome for both casual viewers as well as content creators. If the prosperity of the pre-ICO phases is any indication, it is only a matter of time before Blockbooster battles it out with the top players in the game.

It’s not too late to start, join the party now:

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