India Hyperloop Market: Advanced Technologies & Growth Opportunities in ****** Industry by 2025

Market Scenario

Hyperloop is considered as the fifth mode of transportation. It is also referred as a revolutionary train service that envisages the loading of passengers and cargo into a pod and accelerate gradually by electric propulsion through a low pressure tube. The technology is intended for superfast travel between the two large cities with a top speed of 760mph (1,200 km/h).

The Hyperloop system has various components which include the track, tube, propulsion system and capsule carrying passengers/freight. The capsule entails passenger compartment in middle, air compressor in front and battery compartment at the back. The tube tracks are designed to maintain the vacuum inside the tube, although the tubes are not completely air free and will have a low pressure inside the capsule.

Key Players:

Hyperloop India has now decided to constitute a team of students and faculty from BITS Pilani, IIM Ahmedabad, Indian School of Business consulting for logistics, transportation, and infrastructure. The company is also planning to include data specialists from organization such as NITI Aayog, RITES, SocialCops and DP World India for the hyperloop technology.

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Market Outlook:

The capsule uses a compressor fan at the front which can re-direct air at the back of the capsule, hence providing additional propulsion to the Hyperloop. The redirected air is then sent to the air bearings which further levitate the metal capsule above the tube surface leading to reduction in friction. Thus helps in achieving very high speed of capsules in the tube.

Increasing demand for fastest mode of transportation, with low cost for decongestion of cities and low power consumption structure is expected to drive the market in the longer run. Furthermore, other factors influencing the growth in the country include easier-to-build, less expensive infrastructure, immune to bad weather conditions and resistant to earthquakes and other natural calamities.

Additionally, the hyperloop project in the country will be served as an economic catalyst creating thousands of jobs for manufacturing, service and construction and IT sectors supporting Make in India initiatives. Although, initial cost of investment, lack of awareness and safety & security issues are few factors expected to impact the growth and development of hyperloop in the country.

In March 2017, Hyperloop One Vision For India, New Delhi, the company has shortlisted 5 sustainable proposals for the country which include Bengaluru to Chennai (334 km in 20 minutes), Bengaluru to Thiruvananthapuram (736 km in 41 minutes), Delhi to Mumbai via Jaipur and Indore (1,317 km in 55 minutes), Mumbai to Chennai via Bangalore (1,102 km in 50 minutes), Bengaluru to Chennai (334 km in 20 minutes).

Market Highlights

Recently, in February 2018, Maharashtra government has signed the agreement with the Virgin Hyperloop One for building a hyperloop between Mumbai and Pune starting with an operational demonstration track. In 2017, the company has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Pune Metropolitan Region Development Authority (PMRDA) for analyzing the level of economic impact and for identifying the potential routes with technical viability of the hyperloop transportation solutions in the country.

The proposed route for hyperloop will connect central Pune to Mumbai and Navi Mumbai International Airport in 25 minutes and will support 150 million passenger trips annually. The demonstration track will be constructed in 2-3 years and will be prepared for testing, certifying and regulating the system for commercial operations.

Few major players in the market include AECOM India and Hyperloop India, DGWHyperloop which are working on the hyperloop technology. Furthermore, a non-profit consortium of volunteers and organizations are also involved in recreating the transportation in India. In August 2015, BITS Hyperloop which is a fully funded Indian team among the 120 teams are selected globally for presenting their designs at the 2016 SpaceX Design Weekend.

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