Public Safety LTE Infrastructure Market: Globally Massive Expansion by Forecast Period from 2017 – 2030 Publish a New Market Research Report On “Public Safety LTE & Mobile Broadband Market: 2017 – 2030 – Opportunities, Challenges, Strategies & Forecasts” which contains global key player’s survey information and forecast to 2030.

Overview of the Public Safety LTE & Mobile Broadband Market:

The report spread across 1060 pages is an overview of the Public Safety LTE & Mobile Broadband Market: 2017 – 2030 – Opportunities, Challenges, Strategies & Forecasts.

Driven by demand for both dedicated and secure MVNO networks, Market research estimates that annual investments in public safety LTE infrastructure will surpass $800 Million by the end of 2017, supporting ongoing deployments in multiple frequency bands across the 400/450 MHz, 700 MHz, 800 MHz, and higher frequency ranges. The market – which includes base stations (eNBs), mobile core and transport network equipment – is further expected to grow at a CAGR of nearly 45% over the next three years. By 2020, these infrastructure investments will be complemented by up to 3.8 Million LTE device shipments, ranging from smartphones and ruggedized handheld terminals to vehicular routers and IoT modules.

Until recently, LTE has predominantly been considered a supplementary mobile broadband technology in the public safety sector, to provide high-bandwidth data applications that cannot be delivered over existing narrowband LMR (Land Mobile Radio) systems. However, with the standardization of capabilities such as MCPTT (Mission-Critical PTT) by the 3GPP, LTE is increasingly being viewed as an all-inclusive critical communications platform for the delivery of multiple mission-critical services ranging from PTT group communications to real-time video surveillance.

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A number of dedicated public safety LTE networks are already operational across the globe, ranging from nationwide systems in the oil-rich GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) region to citywide networks in Spain, China, Pakistan, Laos and Kenya.  Among other notable engagements, several “early builder” networks are operational in the United States – that will subsequently merge with the wider FirstNet nationwide system; early pilot LTE networks for the Sate-Net program are in the process of being commercialized in South Korea; and Canada is beginning to see its first dedicated LTE network deployments, starting with the Halton Regional Police Service.

Major Industry Players:

  • 3GPP (Third Generation Partnership Project)
  • 3M
  • 450 MHz Alliance
  • 450connect
  • 4K Solutions
  • 6Harmonics
  • A10 Networks
  • Aaeon
  • AAS (Amphenol Antenna Solutions)
  • BAE Systems
  • Baicells Technologies
  • BandRich
  • Barrett Communications
  • BASE (Telenet)
  • BATS (Broadband Antenna Tracking Systems) and More………

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Forecast Segmentation:

Market forecasts are provided for each of the following submarkets and their subcategories:

  • Public Safety LTE Infrastructure


  • RAN (Radio Access Network)
  • Mobile Core (EPC, Policy & Application Functions)
  • Mobile Backhaul and Transport

RAN Base Station (eNB) Mobility Categories

  • Fixed Base Stations
  • Deployable Base Stations

RAN Base Station (eNB) Cell Size Categories

  • Macrocells
  • Small Cells

Deployable RAN Base Station (eNB) Form Factor Categories

  • NIB (Network-in-a-Box)
  • Vehicular Platforms
  • Airborne Platforms
  • Maritime Platforms

Mobile Backhaul & Transport Network Technology Categories

  • Fiber & Wireline
  • Microwave
  • Satellite


  • Public Safety LTE Management & Integration Solutions


  • Network Integration & Testing
  • Device Management & User Services
  • Managed Services, Operations & Maintenance
  • Cybersecurity


  • Public Safety LTE Devices


  • Private LTE
  • Commercial LTE

Form Factor Categories

  • Smartphones & Handportable Terminals
  • Vehicle-Mounted Routers & Terminals
  • Stationary CPEs
  • Tablets & Notebook PCs
  • USB Dongles, Embedded IoT Modules & Others


  • Public Safety LTE Subscriptions & Service Revenue


  • Private LTE
  • Commercial LTE


  • Public Safety Broadband over Private Mobile Networks


  • Private LTE
  • Private WiMAX


  • Public Safety Broadband over Commercial Mobile Networks


  • 3G
  • WiMAX
  • LTE


Regional Segmentation

  • Asia Pacific
  • Eastern Europe
  • Latin & Central America
  • Middle East & Africa
  • North America
  • Western Europe

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