Dread Lab Advises That Their Swim Caps For Locs Are Selling Well In 2018

Leading online marketer of all dreadlocks and accessories says their swim caps remain popular

Dread Lab has been bringing their clients high quality dreadlocks, hair care products and all important accessories very successfully for long enough to understand the clients’ needs and preferences. That is why are able to offer such a great selection of products to suit all tastes and budgets.

They only market quality products and ensure clients have a great choice, whether for locs, shampoo, sprays or any accessories to help them keep the locs neat and in place. One of their very popular items is the swim cap that they market, and sales are improving all the time. For the proud owner of great locks it is often important to protect the locs during a shower or visit to a swimming pool or the ocean.

The firm’s owner, Lloyd Matuszewskyj said during one of his interviews recently, “We are very excited about our business and the steady growth we have noticed the last few months. The beginning of 2018, especially, has been a wonderful time for us, and all sales are up, also our swim caps. We look forward to go on bringing all our customers excellent locs and accessories.”

The caps they market take into account that caps for ordinary hair are too small to keep locs neatly in place during the swim or shower session. Therefore their caps are manufactured to be much bigger. The firm offers them in different sizes, such as medium, large and extra large sizes.

They do ensure these caps are light weight and easy to use on the hair and remove once you are ready to. They last for long periods and are twice as thick as regular shower caps. This additional strength means that they do not have to be replaced as regularly as ordinary caps. They are also offered in different colours such as see-through, black and other choices.

Some carry the Dread Lab logo, while others are offered plain. Personal preference dictates. The firm mentions that those with the logo on them are especially popular. They also have a choice of Shocking Pink caps which have been the best sellers during January and February of 2018. The other colours that they currently offer are Pacific Blue and Caribbean Green. They are looking at adding others to the range soon.

The firm receives orders on a daily basis and is known to dispatch products immediately.

Based in Lincoln, England, we are proud of the great dreadlocks, hair care and maintenance products and accessories we market and ship throughout the UK and worldwide. We have a wide range of products available – from dreadlocks kits and synthetic extensions to conditioners, sprays and shampoos as well as various accessories to help keep your dreadlocks in top shape. We have access to the best products from all parts of the world and these we bring our valued customers at affordable prices. We are known for our emphasis on great service and speedy shipment. At Dread Lab we do our best to bring every individual customer the best online experience. For more about us, please visit https://www.dreadlab.co.uk/products/dread-empire-extra-large-swim-cap-black-dreadlocks-dreads

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