Swim Caps for Locs from Dread Lab one of the Company’s Best Sellers in early Spring of 2018

Leading online provider of quality swim caps for locs advises that these caps are selling fast

Dread Lab is known as a supplier of high quality products for the owners of locs – or dreadlocks, if you wish. Their products are all carefully sourced from different brands, and they are also known for their own selection of products under the Dread Lab label which is very popular.

Some of these include their double ended synthetic dreadlocks and swim caps, for example. The company is known for the wide range of products they offer as well as for the durability of materials which affords the buyer products that last long when looked after and cared for properly.

One of these products that they offer on their website is their selection of swim caps which are worn when out swimming, or when it is time to take a shower. Every proud owner of quality locs does their best to protect them, and the swim cap is ideal for this purpose. The company advises to visit their website to make a decision from the selection they offer.

They have, for example, the following caps available: In black the Dread Lab medium/large cap; the black Dread Lab extra large cap; the Caribbean Green Dread Lab extra large. They also offer a selection of these with no logos, in other words plain caps as opposed to those with the Dread Lab logo on them.

Sizes vary and start with an opening width of 21cm and height of 25.5cm whereas others go up to 23cm width opening and 36cm height. It will depend on one’s hair and extensions which caps would be most suitable. They also offer some of these caps in packs of 3 and 10. These caps last long if you handle them well and make sure you are not careless with, for example, sharp objects near them.

The company’s owner, Lloyd Matuszewskyj was quoted during one of his recent interviews, “We are on target for a great year and even at this early stage our predictions point to sales we have not expected. It is only spring now, but already all categories are showing great results, also our swim caps which are going fast. We always make sure we have enough stock available, so get in touch and we will send you your order as soon as we receive it.”

Even though some of their stock sells fast, Dread Lab tries their best to ensure they have all their products available at any given time.

Based in Lincoln, England, we are proud of the great dreadlocks, hair care and maintenance products and accessories we market and ship throughout the UK and worldwide. We have a wide range of products available – from dreadlocks kits and synthetic extensions to conditioners, sprays and shampoos as well as various accessories to help keep your dreadlocks in top shape. We have access to the best products from all parts of the world and these we bring our valued customers at affordable prices. We are known for our emphasis on great service and speedy shipment. At Dread Lab we do our best to bring every individual customer the best online experience. For more about us, please visit https://www.dreadlab.co.uk/products/dread-empire-extra-large-swim-cap-black-dreadlocks-dreads

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