New build popularity raises importance of conducting snagging surveys

MDR Home Inspections conduct professional snagging surveys to avoid new build pitfalls

According to latest industry data, new builds in the UK are on the rise. But are they as good a buy as owners are led to believe? “Buying a new build can come with its own pitfalls,” says Michael Reynolds, owner of MDR Home Inspections. “Often it’s relatively small faults that disappoint new owners, however, there can also be structural issues that are not easy to spot until years later.”

This is why Reynolds and others in the industry strongly suggest getting a snagging survey done before signing on the dotted line. A snagging survey is an inspection designed to identify small faults that may be overlooked in a formal house survey or are not considered necessary in the purchase of a new build. A professional snagging survey also picks up more significant issues.

While it is preferable to have a snagging survey carried out before taking ownership of the property, it can be done within two years of purchase. After that period, the developer no longer has a responsibility to the property and the owners have no resort for resolution of those annoying defects that might have cropped up.

“Snagging surveys are good for buyers and good for developers,” says Reynolds. “For buyers, it allows them peace of mind that their new property is pristine. For developers, it ensures that their reputation is protected by only selling properties that meet all expectations.”

A snagging survey is best carried out after completion but before transfer of ownership so that faults can be rectified before occupation and avoid the disruption of builders and repair work for the new occupants. While some small defects will only appear while living in the new build, most problems can be identified in a survey and sorted out early on with new issues being added to a snagging list.

“Since forming MDR Home Inspections we have completed numerous new build snagging inspections throughout the country on behalf of customers and we have come across some sound and unsound properties,” says Reynolds. “The importance of having an opportunity to snag your property becomes more evident each time we complete an inspection.”

Reynolds stresses that buyers should never feel obligated to accept a product if it doesn’t match the expectations created by the seller. “Snagging inspections are a fundamental part of realising your expectations and shouldn’t be considered a chore,” he explains. “It is also an opportunity for the developer to establish a close relationship with one of its customers.”

Snagging surveys are not limited to new build inspections. They can also be used in pre-purchase building inspections, rental property snagging and commercial property snagging. The principle remains the same: that the new occupant should be entitled to the property they were promised in a sales or rental agreement. Landlords can make use of snagging surveys when a tenant vacates.

A snagging survey is considerably less expensive than a more formal housing survey and can be completed in three days. The developer is then responsible for rectifying the issues identified in the snagging survey. MDR Home Inspections offers a further service in managing the relationship with the developer to have any snags rectified within an optimal time frame.

“Many people don’t enjoy dealing with the developer to rectify snags, so we offer a service where we do the negotiating to have the property in tip top shape before occupation,” says Reynolds. “Snagging surveys aren’t an unnecessary cost considering they could save you thousands down the line when the property is out of its warranty period. We find it is always money well spent.”

MDR Home Inspections is a leading professional snagging specialist offering a nationwide service throughout the United Kingdom. They cater to home buyers, commercial clients, investors and landlords offering a detailed snag report that can be relied on when investing in property anywhere across the country. MDR Home Inspections carries out professional snagging surveys on new builds, identifying smaller cosmetic to larger structural issues that the developer must rectify. MDR Home Inspections also offers a comprehensive service managing the repair work and ensuring all snags are corrected within the first two years of occupation. The company also offers a host of professional inspection services for property investors and landlords, including inspections after tenants have vacated a rental property. To find out more, please visit:

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