Professional snagging saves home owners thousands in repairs

MDR Home Inspections offers professional snagging on new builds and rentals

Snagging is the process of identifying and listing faults in a building that is changing hands. Most often, snagging refers to identifying small faults in new builds that though not structurally dangerous, nevertheless cause frustration and disappointment for new home owners.

While some might choose to make their own snagging list, a DIY approach is not recommended. There is no formal qualification required to compile a snagging list or complete a snagging survey, but it is best undertaken by a professional contractor with in-depth knowledge of new builds and the problems they can present.

Professional snagging is a systematic review of every aspect of the building, from counter tops to structural issues. “Unlike traditional house surveys, snagging surveys pick up everything from minor issues, such as a door that doesn’t close properly or a worktop with a dodgy finish to more serious, structural problems,” says Michael Reynolds, owner of MDR Home Inspections.

“Since forming MDR Home Inspections we have completed numerous new build snagging inspections throughout the country on behalf of customers and we have come across some sound and unsound properties,” says Reynolds. “The importance of having an opportunity to snag your property becomes more evident each time we complete an inspection.”

The results of the snagging survey are usually available in around three days, depending on the complexity of the building and the issues identified. “We communicate these directly to the developer, which makes it more likely that problems will be rectified early and with a minimum of fuss,” says Reynolds. “Developers want to sell a quality home as much as owners want to buy one.”

When buying a new build, a professional snagging survey should preferably be conducted before transfer of the property but after building has been completed. This avoids unnecessary inclusions on the snagging list as well as ensures the new owners are satisfied with their purchase and can move right in. New occupants would also not enjoy the intrusion of builders and repair work.

MDR Home Inspections offers an additional service in dealing with the developer directly to have snags seen to on behalf of the buyer. “Once you have received your snagging report you can instruct us to oversee the remedial work on your new property. We will arrange to visit the site with the developer and oversee the work as it progresses,” explains Reynolds.

While a professional snagging survey may seem like a chore or unnecessary expense, this is not so. “We have found that approximately seventy percent of new builds have snags and that on average a property has one hundred and twenty five snags. This could be a significant cost and inconvenience for the new owners further down the line,” says Reynolds.

Professional snagging differs from a DIY snagging list in the thoroughness and methodology behind the inspection. “As a top UK snagging company we know what to look for when walking into a new home or commercial property for the first time. We use effective snagging methodology combined with years of experience to provide you with a detailed snag list that you can count on,” Reynolds assures.

There are many benefits to hiring professionals such as MDR Home Inspections for a snagging report, mainly that it takes a great deal of worry away from buyers. In addition, with a great deal of experience in new build homes, a snagging inspector will know the little things to look out for.

“We have a fantastic team of trained professionals and we’re able to offer new building snagging and property inspections for a range of different properties. Regardless of size, we’re on hand to help,” says Reynolds.

MDR Home Inspections is a leading professional snagging specialist offering a nationwide service throughout the United Kingdom. They cater to home buyers, commercial clients, investors and landlords offering a detailed snag report that can be relied on when investing in property anywhere across the country. MDR Home Inspections carries out professional snagging surveys on new builds, identifying smaller cosmetic to larger structural issues that the developer must rectify. MDR Home Inspections also offers a comprehensive service managing the repair work and ensuring all snags are corrected within the first two years of occupation. The company also offers a host of professional inspection services for property investors and landlords, including inspections after tenants have vacated a rental property. To find out more, please visit:

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