Small changes add up to big savings over time

Smart meter roll out sees dkp Electrics in Pinner tackling energy efficiency

Smart meters are being rolled out at a rapid pace and consumers are becoming more savvy about energy savings. dkp Electrics in Pinner, northwest London, has found a surge in consumers making their homes more energy efficient, both to reduce energy bills and to reduce the environmental impact of high energy consumption.

“Small savings really add up with annual bills so making small changes in your home can really help,” says Dave, Director of dkp Electrics. “With energy prices continually rising, installing energy efficient equipment into your home is becoming more popular and for very good reasons.”

Managing usage and controlling losses are vital factors in reducing energy bills and household carbon footprint. Small changes around the home can make a big difference but larger investments can have real returns within a few years. “Smart meters help consumers understand where their energy – and money – is going. There are many devices that can help manage consumption.”

Top tips from Energy UK include installing LED lighting, replacing an old boiler with an A-rated high efficiency condensing boiler, installing a thermostat or heating controls, turning down the thermostat by one degree, smart controls that switch unused appliances off rather than leaving them on standby, and using an electricity monitor that gives real time feedback on energy consumption.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, smart heating controls are the latest innovation to help control heating and understand home energy use. These allow home owners to control heating remotely via a mobile app, meaning that they can manage the temperature of their home from wherever they are, at whatever time of day,” reports the Energy Saving Trust.

It’s making the right choice on which devices to install that is important. What is needed is expert advice so that consumers are not duped into investments that won’t offer significant returns. “We will always advise on the most cost effective way to reduce energy consumption suited to your particular circumstances,” says Dave.

dkp Electrics works closely with other trades to make this new wave of technology provide a real return on investment as well as a pleasant experience. For example, a house that is not adequately insulated will be losing a lot of energy through inefficient heating. Similarly, draught-proofing a home can make a significant difference to energy required for heating in inclement weather.

dkp Electrics can ensure that a reputable service provider in the area carries out work alongside the electrician to maximise benefits and avoid unnecessary expense. While a building contractor can see to adequate insulation and draught-proofing, a plumber can fit water efficient shower heads and lower flow taps, which are known to decrease energy consumption from heating water.

From installing LED lights to PV solar panels and from replacing boilers to fitting the latest smart controls for energy efficiency, dkp Electrics has plenty of experience and expert advice to offer.

“There are many different devices available for you to consider, so if you are interested in finding out how you can save money or would like to install larger scale equipment such as Solar Panels, we are skilled in carrying out all Energy Efficient Installations,” says Dave.

dkp Electrics is a friendly, local NICEIC approved electrical company which undertakes all types of electrical work, from fault finding to installing or upgrading. Customers can rely on a professional, honest and competitively priced service. dkp Electrics provides a one stop shop for all, from wiring a kitchen, installing audio, CCTV, energy saving devices or simply taking over an unfinished job, every electrical job is their speciality. All work is carried to the latest 17th edition wiring regulations and Part P Building Regulations. dkp Electrics is fully insured and offers free quotes. Experience and planning expertise enables dkp Electrics to approach each electrical installation job in the right way and avoid unnecessary mistakes. Organisation, planning and communication are key tools brought to every job which in turn saves the customer time and money. For more information or to contact your local dkp Electrician, please visit:

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