87% of all strokes happen to be Ischemic Strokes.


Ischemic stroke is caused by a dysfunction in the supply of blood to the brain because of emboli, thrombus or atherosclerosis happening in cerebral arteries. As per a World Health Organization (WHO) assess, around 17 million individuals die each year because of cardiovascular diseases. Heart assaults and strokes separately represent the most noteworthy number of deaths because of cardiovascular diseases, all around. The measurements of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention propose that around 87% of all strokes are ischemic strokes. Stroke is one of the main source of long haul incapacity, happening at a higher rate in the maturity populace. Also, stroke prompts 1 out of each 20 deaths, costing around $34 billion to U.S. every year. Higher rates of mortality related with strokes feature an approaching requirement for imaginative medications and demonstrative devices.

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Underlying Causes

The advancements in the careful devices technology, moreover with the rising occurrence of acute ischemia stroke cases among the patients are some of the prevailing driving component for the surgery in acute stroke treatment. Some of the other elements driving the market include, maturing populace essentially in the developed countries of Europe and North America. The development of the effective medication in the treatment of ischemic stroke is accepted to hinder the acceptance of expensive surgery in the ischemic stroke conclusion market. The development of desmoteplase, a novel next-generation thrombolytic, is one of the significant advancement of in the treatment technology of acute ischemic stroke. It provides extended therapeutic time compared to the vast majority of the other treatment procedure. Moreover, with the increasing effect of telemedicine and e-prescription and e-medical adherence the acute ischemic stroke finding and treatment market is expected to prosper at a healthy rate amid the forecast period.

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Geographic Segmentation

Global Acute Ischemic Stroke Diagnosis and Treatment Market is geographically segmented in regions of Asia Pacific, Latin America, North America, Europe and Middle East and Africa. Asia Pacific Market is geographically segmented into major countries of India, China, Japan, South Korea and Australia. The market in this region has been growing at an exceptional pace and is projected to have the highest market share among all other regions. The Asia-Pacific Acute Ischemic Stroke Treatment and Diagnosis Market was worth $326.52 million in 2015 and estimated to be growing at a CAGR of 7.9%, to reach $477.55 million by 2020.

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Some of the major companies covered in the report are Abbott Laboratories, Covidien plc, Philips Healthcare, Johnson & Johnson, Penumbra, Inc., GE Healthcare, Siemens Healthcare, Stryker Corporation (Concentric Medical, Inc.) and Hitachi, Ltd.

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