Dread Lab keeps on adding to their Selection of Dreadlock Accessories to offer a greater Choice in 2018

Well-known online provider of quality dreadlocks and accessories says they are constantly adding to their already impressive choices

Dread Lab has made a name for themselves in a few short years as being the number 1 choice for many dreadlock enthusiasts all over the UK and beyond.

Their customers regularly mention the great selections, extensive choices, affordable locs and accessories and the speedy service they have come to expect as the norm when they deal with Dread Lab. Their choices are impressive and therefore their customers are happy to refer their friends and other locs enthusiasts to them when they want to buy locs or accessories.

In this regard the firm’s owner Lloyd Matuszewskyj was quoted recently, “We understand the needs of our customers and we study trends all the time. That is why we keep on adding new choices to our selection, thereby ensuring that our clients have the best choice. We already have a great selection, and feedback suggests that customers are impressed.

Now, with our even greater choices we are sure that customers have access to the best locs and accessories that the market can offer them. We invite everybody to log on and see for themselves the choices we offer, and at what affordable prices. We are always available to answer any questions our customers may have. So, please get in touch as we are here to be of service.”

In addition to the locs and the choice of extensions that they market, Dread Lab has a choice of accessories that complement the customer’s locs. The company emphasizes that their accessories are ideal for the proud owner of locs that wants his/her locs to always look and smell good and kept neatly in place.

Very often customers need a night cap to keep locs in place while they’re asleep, or swim and shower caps to keep water our when they’re under the shower or swimming somewhere.

The company has a great selection of these in different colours, all manufactured from the best materials and fabrics available. Of course their selection extends much further to include head bands in different colours, rasta caps and different elastic bands to keep locs out of the eyes. These are only a few examples.

The company’s website offers great detail. Of course they offer various other products to help customers look after their locs, such as soaps, balms, shampoos and sprays, for instance.

The company never wastes time with regard to shipment of orders and emphasise that they believe in speedy shipments which, in the UK, are offered at no cost.

Based in Lincoln, England, we are proud of the great dreadlocks, hair care and maintenance products and accessories we market and ship throughout the UK and worldwide. We have a wide range of products available – from dreadlocks kits and synthetic extensions to conditioners, sprays and shampoos as well as various accessories to help keep your dreadlocks in top shape. We have access to the best products from all parts of the world and these we bring our valued customers at affordable prices. We are known for our emphasis on great service and speedy shipment. At Dread Lab we do our best to bring every individual customer the best online experience. For more about us, please visit https://www.dreadlab.co.uk/

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