Large Swim Caps from Dread Lab more popular in Spring of 2018 than ever before

Leading online provider of all dread locks and care products advises that they are busier than ever before

Dread Lab is a leading online marketer of a great choice of dread locks and accessories that the enthusiast needs to complement their locs. They have been in business for a few years an offer great products and fast, effective service.

They are known for their fast turnaround and quick reaction when customers contact them. The company is always ready to answer questions and take orders from customers throughout the UK, as well as from other parts of the world.

The company’s owner, Lloyd Matuszewskyj, when asked about the range of products they market, said during a recent meeting, “At Dread Lab we are very happy to report that our business is doing well and growing every day. We have more clients than ever before and certain categories are very popular, such as the large swim caps we have for sale.

This is an ideal time for customers to acquire one – or moreof our caps since we are now in early spring and soon in full-on summer, which is beach time. And of course the cap is also used when you shower. So, whatever you need it for, we have a great choice. Please consult our website for a great selection.”

The swim caps that the company markets are of a good quality material and guaranteed to last for a long time if you handle them properly. Try not to overstretch them during use; therefore it is a good idea to choose a cap that can contain your locs, and avoid one that is too small. That is one of the reasons the firm’s large caps are so popular since customers know they are manufactured to deliver the wanted results, which is to keep the locs in place at all times when needed in the shower, at the ocean or when you relax in a swimming pool.

They offer them in different colours to allow for individual taste and preference. Some of those that catch the eye and are popular are their selection of green, shocking pink and black caps. The company also offers their caps from different suppliers, one of which is the Dread Empire large cap – and their own, the Dread Lab cap.

They are all selling very well and most customers actually order more than one cap at a time since they are not only practical but also very affordable when compared to other companies’ products.

Based in Lincoln, England, we are proud of the great dreadlocks, hair care and maintenance products and accessories we market and ship throughout the UK and worldwide. We have a wide range of products available – from dreadlocks kits and synthetic extensions to conditioners, sprays and shampoos as well as various accessories to help keep your dreadlocks in top shape. We have access to the best products from all parts of the world and these we bring our valued customers at affordable prices. We are known for our emphasis on great service and speedy shipment. At Dread Lab we do our best to bring every individual customer the best online experience. For more about us, please visit

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