Wooden Playhouses from My Cubby are Built to Last

My Cubby’s wooden playhouses are made to withstand the rough Australian weather and have been designed using quality wood. Wooden cubby houses from My Cubby are cooler than plastic alternatives and are built to last. The company uses plywood for the floors and walls along with LOSP treated pine. This makes the cubbies more comfortable for the children in the Australian weather.

My Cubby has a whole range of wooden cubby houses for sale that helps fill in the play needs of children. These include Duplex, Forts, Triplex, Classic Cubby Houses, Adventurer and Childcare Cubbies among others. The playhouse can be customised according to the child’s physical needs and abilities, like making it wheelchair accessible.

While the cubbies can be put together by confident handy-people, they can also provide installers in most metro areas as another option. The assembly time will vary between models. The company provides excellent written instructions and are also available by telephone for support if required.

At the factory everything has been done to make installation simple. All the timber is cut to size, and each panel is packed and labelled with the relevant pieces in each pack. The cubbies are supplied with everything that is needed to build them. A standard feature that is supplied with the cubby if there are young children is a safety rail, which goes above the slide. Sandpits, slides and other accessories are all additional to the base price. A large range of accessories are available to be shipped with the cubby.

The wooden cubbies are designed to sit directly on the ground. For those living in a high wind or cyclone area concreting metal stirrups in is highly recommended. The company recommends painting the cubbies before installation. This will save time in the long run. For those hardpressed to find time they suggest painting the roof battens (harder to do when the roofing is on!), or any walls that will have a feature colour (saves the cutting in). The walls and flooring can also be easily rollered.

To know more about the incredible cubby houses on offer at My Cubby call 1800121513 or email info@mycubby.com.au

For more information: https://www.mycubby.com.au/

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