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Buying blind is the new way to buy property as long as buyers put the search in the hands of a qualified, independent buyer’s agent, says multi-award winning buyer’s agent, Rich Harvey, who is part of the expert team in Channel Nine’s new property show Buying Blind.

Mr Harvey, who is also president of the national industry body representing buyer’s agents – the Real Estate Buyers Agents Association (REBAA) – said buyer’s agents were a growing force in Australia and were increasingly being engaged to search, evaluate and negotiate properties on behalf of eager home buyers.

“A good local buyer’s agent is an expert at finding exactly the right property for the client, performs a tailored search and advises the client which properties to avoid and the best properties to make offers on,” he said. “They should be giving quality advice without fear or favour. The local expertise and market knowledge is key to success.”

Professional buyer’s agent can help get the upper hand by using an expert who can interpret sales jargon. They can access local knowledge if you’re relocating or purchasing in an unfamiliar area. They can remove the emotion to ensure clients do not make an impulsive buy. They can access more properties including off-market (silent listings) unlisted or pre-market listings before they’re advertised. They can save money by securing your property quickly and at a lower price. They can also free up time that would have otherwise been spent searching the internet, calling agents and inspecting open homes every weekend; and eliminate stress.

“As experts, we struggle to understand why anyone would enter into a financial transaction of this size without professional representation,” said Mr Harvey. “Many people wouldn’t think of selling their home without paying a real estate agent and yet they’re happy to buy a home without professional advice. Anyone considering a buyer’s agent should ensure they choose someone who is licensed in their state and preferably a REBAA member.

Albion Avenue is a REBAA-accredited member and a Sydney buyers agent. They can help clients looking to buy property all over Sydney, whether in Manly on the northern beaches, Millers Point on the edge of the CBD, Surry Hills in the inner east or somewhere else.

For property buyers, Albion Avenue can assess a property, negotiate price and terms on their behalf and make sure they have all the right information to close the deal. For sellers who need to sell before they buy their next property, they provide unbiased and independent advice to get the best possible sale result. Their mission is to help people have the best possible property experience.

According to Mr Harvey, investors, expats, interstate and foreign buyers more commonly enlist buyer’s agents but with awareness growing, home buyers of all categories are utilising their services (even first home buyers).

Mr Harvey said that it makes a lot of sense to outsource the search to a buyer’s agent. “For a lot of buyers, handing over the responsibility of the property search is a big relief,” he said.  “These buyers are transferring the pressure to a seasoned professional who has the skills and resources to find the ideal property in less time and typically a better price.”

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