Groundbreaking Escape Artists Houdini and Dorothy are the Inspiration for Young Adult novel, The Art of Escaping

Houdini and Female Houdini Dorothy Dietrich are the inspiration for the new novel “The Art of Escaping.”

Scranton, PA, June 25, 2018 — Houdini and Female Houdini Dorothy Dietrich are the inspiration for the new novel “The Art of Escaping.”

Dorothy Dietrich has been named as one of the top four escape artists in history. She is probably the best-known female escapologist of all time. Enjoying a long career that began with New York television shows, she later founded The Magic Townehouse, a popular NYC magic venue. Regarded as the “First Lady of Magic,” she’s been an inspiration to female and male performers alike. She was famously the first woman to escape from a straightjacket while hanging from a burning rope 15 stories up and without a net. She’s known for several premiers: the first woman to catch a bullet in her mouth, and is called the Female Houdini for copying many of Houdini’s escape acts, including one Houdini backed away from – the Jinxed Bullet Catch Stunt.

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Dorothy Dietrich, the first woman to gain prominence as an escape artist since the days of Houdini, breaking the glass ceiling for women in the field of escapes and magic. The 2006 Columbia Encyclopedia included Dietrich among their “eight most noted magicians of the late 20th century.”

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The Art of Escaping by Erin Callahan
110 Goodreads Reviews 4.01 stars

Seventeen-year-old Mattie is hiding her obsession with Harry Houdini and Dorothy Dietrich from everyone, including her best friend. Mattie has a hidden obsession: escapology. Told through the perspectives of the witty main characters, this funny and fresh debut explores the power of stage personas and secret spaces, and speaks to the uncanny ways in which friendships transform us.

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Other Accomplishments The Grim Game, a 1919 film, lost for over 90 years and rediscovered in 2015 by escape artist and magician Dorothy Dietrich, stars Harry Houdini as a young man who is bound and imprisoned on numerous occasions by a gang who have kidnapped his fiancée. Considered by many as Houdini’s best film. In the 2013 film, Now You See Me, Isla Fisher plays an escape artist named Henley Reeves. In an interview, she says, “I watched all of Houdini’s work and Dorothy Dietrich, who is a female escapologist, who is amazing, you have to watch her.” “I got to train with Dorothy Dietrich, the first lady magician to catch a bullet with her teeth. Fisher studied the life and work of Dietrich to prepare for the role. “Dorothy is a real female escapologist who is working today. She was the first woman to capture a bullet between her teeth, which is an amazing feat. She’s not only good at misdirection, but she also connects emotionally with the audience, so she’s better able to involve them in the stunts.”

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Dorothy’s desire to perform magic and escapes started after reading a biography of Houdini in her childhood. Dietrich has a large number of television appearances and is also involved in the world’s only continuous traveling Houdini exhibit.

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HoudiniOpoly. Dorothy Dietrich recently designed a KickStarter success program The Largest Houdini project in KickStarter history and the largest successful Scranton, Pa project in history as well.

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