The Ultimate Guide to Hotel Marketing – Make Technology Your Best Friend

Like any other business that wants to succeed, hotels need a strong marketing to sell their product (read rooms). In order to market your hotel, why not let technology come to your aid? If you are just starting out, read ahead to take a few quick tips that always seem to work!

1.Understand the buying cycle of traveller

The first step to market your hotel is to understand the mind-set of your potential buyer. Any prospective buyer, whether leisure, business, luxury or budget would go through these stages!


•The actual experience

•After taste

2.Answer his initial queries

Have a regular blog update on your website that answer usual customer queries. Topics like ‘best places’ or ‘top 10’ can be fruitful in this context. Once the potential customer has decided the location, let technology come to your aid and help you give the hotel an edge.

3.Be visible in his searches

Use effective google search ads. Use targeted ads that will help you be visible during searches.

4.Reinforce your product when he is making a decision

If the customer has visited your website already, you can reinforce your product by effective re-marketing campaigns like Facebook.

5.Maintain consistency across all channels

Remember that the data you provide across various platforms remains the same. Your amenities and facilities listed in various websites that promote you should remain the same. So, make sure if you are marketing yourself as a luxury hotel on one platform, you do not come across as a budget hotel on the other.

6.Register yourself on various booking websites

In the scenario of such tough competition in today’s world, it is important to be seen as much as you can. Remember, more visibility also implies authenticity according to a customer’s mind-set. If you can register yourself at a corporate travel portal or B2B hotel booking website to ensure more sales.

7.Pin yourself on the map

People search things on the go and maps are used way more often than ever. So, make sure you have pinned yourself on the map. This is all the more important if you are a hotel located in a destination spot. This will also benefit you by being seen by unplanned travellers looking for accommodation on the go.

8.Invest in your own website

While most hotels have their own listings in various online hotel booking websites in India, what they often forget is the need to develop their own website too. Your website should ideally work like your digital hotel, giving a glimpse of experience to the customers that they will actually have staying in your property. If the website is not well designed, has low quality images or take too much time to load. Chances are the client will lose interest in your website.

9.Be mobile friendly

One cannot stress enough on the importance of being mobile friendly, especially with every one having a smartphone in their hand during their trip. So, having a mobile friendly website is essential for a better customer experience.

10.Be easier to book

Make sure booking a room at your hotel is not a pain for them. If the customer has to wait ten minutes for the booking page to load or enter unnecessary and irrelevant information, they might just leave and choose some other hotel. At the same time, if you have any offers running, make sure they are easily viewable and applicable.

Once the customer has booked, make sure you do everything possible to give them a delightful stay and memorable experience. This will not only give you a happy customer but he will remember you and market you well. So, go ahead and make a checklist to join hands with technology right away!


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