Smartway Builders’ Advice for Homeowners as Wellington Property Values Increase

June 22, 2018 – With recent reports indicating that home values across the whole Wellington region rose 6.6% in the year to April 2018, and the average home value for the region rising to $642,156, Wellington-based builders and renovation experts Smartway Builders are advising home owners to continue investing in their homes with renovations or extensions that will continue to add value to their property.

With this continued growth in house prices and the increase in buyer competition for listings all the way across the market, including lower and mid-range homes, making an investment in home renovation and home extensions will allow you to reap rewards over time when it comes time to sell your house. This is especially true in areas such as Upper and Lower Hutt, Porirua, Tawa, and the Kapiti Coast, where the rate of increase in house prices has outstripped even the regional growth rate. In these growth locations, the money you invest in home improvement could potentially be returned with interest when you sell your home, as the growing demand for quality homes means that people are searching outside Wellington City for a home and seem to be willing to pay more for an upgraded house with modern additions or renovations.

Of course, any renovation or extension work that homeowners choose to undertake is best completed with qualified builders such as Smartway, as the poor work of an inexperienced or unreliable builder could cause problems at the time of sale, and could even detract from the value of your home in the worst scenarios.

Any homeowners in the Wellington region that want to make the most of the rising value of their property by investing in home renovations or extensions can visit Smartway Builders online now at  www.Smartway.Builders to find out why they’re regarded as some of the best house builders NZ has to offer.

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