As the head of your Mafia family in Mafia City H5,what do you want?

Mafia Game’s item descriptions also point to the possible return of a location from Red Dead Redemption: Mexico. That game featured a northern province of the country named Nuevo Paraíso (“New Paradise”). In addition to the aforementioned Gunslinger Outfit, there’s an accessory that’s named for Mexico: the Nuevo Paraíso Saddle, which is attached to the horse known as the Dappled Black Thoroughbred.

Since multiple items in Red Dead Redemption 2 mention Nuevo Paraíso, it seems reasonable to expect that the game will bring you there at some point — even if a major segment of the story isn’t set there this time around. Nuevo Paraíso doesn’t appear on the border of the playable U.S. region on the leaked map; instead, there is an inset map that appears to show a Mexican island or perhaps peninsula, with Spanish place names including El Hueco and Cinco Torres.
But hey, who knows? The possibilities are as wide open as the American frontier.

Mafia City developer Yottagame has hired a key member of the Horizon: Zero Dawn team for its next project.

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