Instantly Instagrammable Catering Trends For This Year’s Best Parties

Silver look cutlery from Party Settings for fast fine dining that won’t break the bank


Buffets and finger foods are past their sell by date as far as large event catering goes. Plastic platters of crudités and chicken wings are the last thing to make it to social media, and everyone knows that nothing happened unless it’s posted on Instagram. Event organisers today are looking for that extra touch of class that takes party catering from drab to fab.


So what are party planners looking for to make their celebration snap worthy? “We’re seeing a definite trend towards intimate-feel fine dining, even when catering for very large numbers of people,” says Alan, Director of Party Settings. “Food is not just about filling the aching void, it’s about the experience that surrounds it.”


Many event planners are looking for ways to make their arrangements stand out in a competitive crowd and it seems elegant table settings are back in vogue, particularly in a year of Royal celebration. “The Royal wedding has seen people return to a nostalgic era of elegance and the finer elements of an event that remains intimate even with an extensive guest list,” says Alan.


Many customers are looking for ways to make their event something to remember and of course, there is always the element of social media. Party planners are far more aware of the visual appeal of their meals and presentation as it will no doubt make it to Instagram and the impression should be a positive one.


The trend towards social snapshots of the dining experience is not waning and it’s forcing caterers and event planners to up their game to create something that looks at least as good as it tastes. “While we’re seeing greater demands for visual appeal of table settings and overall presentation, we’re not seeing a concomitant rise in spending on events,” says Alan.


Silver look plastic cutlery is an innovative answer to visual appeal challenges at large events. “Most people would not even consider plastic cutlery at their event,” says Alan. “But we have sourced top quality silver look cutlery that balances the need for visual appeal with budget constraints. It looks so real, no one would guess it’s not real.”


Party Settings offers an elegant collection of close to real silver look plastic cutlery including knives, forks, spoons and napkin rolls. These can be purchased pre-packaged with napkin roll, knife, spoon and fork; or napkin roll, knife and fork. Knives, forks, spoons and teaspoons can also be purchased in packs of 12.


“Our silver look plastic cutlery is ideal for cost conscious party and event planners,” says Alan. “It is made from high quality aluminium coated plastic, so there are no worries with having table settings looking tatty with unfinished plastic edges or real silverware that is tarnished and expensive to replace if lost.”


Combine silver look plastic cutlery with Royalty Plastic Tableware to create the impression of ultimate fine dining with elegant, refined place settings that bring a touch of class to any event. “You can be assured that our silver look plastic cutlery is of the highest quality, adding an element of refinement to any place settings and the perfect complement to a classic contemporary menu,” concludes Alan.

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