Ventilation Options From Hometech

Home ventilation is very important because it effectively removes nasty smells, pollution, humidity and water vapors, while at the same time bringing in fresh and clean air, and your family can enjoy better health with the installation of a home ventilation system. By keeping humidity and mildew from causing problems through the use of proper home ventilation you can prevent certain chronic health issues from occurring.

Modern ventilation systems have become quite complex and sophisticated, and Hometech’s Heat Recovery Whole Home Ventilation Systems are no exception.

Most New Zealand homes suffer from moisture build up that can easily be prevented and controlled, and simple mechanical extraction takes moist, foul air efficiently and quietly from your home, creating fresher, drier air for your family’s wellbeing.

The Building Code G4 for ventilation says “Ventilation to occupied spaces must be provided by natural ventilation.” ie: 5% of floor area, or alternatively by “mechanical ventilation”. G4 1.3 Cii states:

Extract ventilation shall: “ Where provided to remove moisture and other contaminants from kitchens, bathrooms, toilet spaces and laundries in housing, exhaust air to the outside at flow rates given in AS 1668.2 table B1”.

All Hometech ventilation options exhaust air to the outside, and improved awareness of the requirement for good ventilation in the home has also led to the additional ventilation, such as mechanical ventilation being installed in wet areas, even if these areas already comply with the Building Code under the 5% floor area rule (eg opening window). Often an opening window is not sufficient to remove moist air.

Many countries insist on mechanical ventilation, regardless of whether an open window is available. Although not a requirement in New Zealand, the trend to supplement open windows with mechanical ventilation is increasing, so for more information on commercial ventilation, home ventilation systems and ventilation options please go to .


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