Swatch Originals Sistem White Automatic SUTW400 Unisex Watch

Swatch Originals Sistem White Automatic SUTW400 Unisex WatchThe arrival of a new type of Swiss mechanical watch at an astoundingly low price was on the agenda of the Swatch brand for quite some time until finally, it became a reality in 2014. The Swatch Originals Sistem White Automatic SUTW400 Unisex Watch turned out to be a very interesting piece that helped young customers to look into the mechanical domain seriously, thus paving the way for their entry into the world of more expensive and luxurious mechanical watches. It proved to be superior to Asian mechanical watches available for roundabout the same price, but then again, that’s the most obvious outcome when the Swiss mark is involved.

The Sistem White stands out due to its dial design which comprises small, colored dots that look like a star or planet chart; or maybe, a constellation. The red dots represent 6 of the 19 rubies existing in the movement made from a total of 51 parts and operating at 3Hz or 21,600 bph, with a long, 90 hours power reserve.

The movement is mostly made from plastic as opposed to metal and is not a serviceable one. It is hermetically sealed, so in case something goes wrong with it, it will need to be replaced. Provided it costs a meager amount, this doesn’t hold as a shortcoming.

The Swatch Originals Sistem White Automatic SUTW400 Unisex Watch features a view of its internal mechanism through the rear of the watch. It makes evident that the only screw present in the entire movement is the central one which mounts the transparent, plastic rotor – a unique feature of the movement. The rest of the movement is funky and colorful and also provides a view of the oscillating balance wheel. At 3Hz, it’s definitely not near anywhere to a chronometer-grade performance, but it is accurate enough to do its job flawlessly.

The Swatch Originals Sistem White Automatic SUTW400 Unisex Watch is a simple and basic design that offers a lot of features for the money. That includes its 30 meters of water resistance and a strong, 42mm plastic case; the white color making it an elegant and refined piece. It offers both beauty and legibility and despite its cheeky look, the Montre Swatch Homme does feel something high-end on the wrist, despite being an intentionally basic mechanical watch that succeeds at its attempts to qualify as a good and substantial watch. It makes its mark as an unpretentious casual or weekend watch, with a movement and a functionality that’s way superior than usual quartz movement-based timepieces.

Bottom line: The Swatch Originals Astilbe Quartz Unisex Watch is an inexpensive, fun watch that fits the bill with budget watch lovers as much as it earns appreciation from veteran, mechanical watch connoisseurs.

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