What Are the Benefits of a Travel Management Company?

With so much advancement in terms of technology, like the internet, smartphones and various other tools, we are living in a world of instant knowledge and solutions. Self-sufficiency is on an all-time high and so is the rate of corporates booking their travel needs online on their own behalf. With such ease provided by online travel services, it is quite fair to ask that what is the benefit that a travel management company offers anyway. While it all seems easy and efficient to merely click and few buttons and get done with the booking, but if you dive in a bit deeper and consider the overall profitability and efficiency, an online travel booking and travel management is an overall better solution for corporates who are already busy running their business.

How Corporate Travel Management Companies are different from online booking sites:

1.No fine print or hidden fees

Most travel booking websites often charge you an additional fee or a hidden cost for booking with them will in a travel management company, there is no addition like that. This is a promise that you can count on, without any last minute surprises.

2.Round the clock support.

In case your flight gets cancelled or you lose your baggage, a Travel management company and its support team will always be available to provide immediate assistance the moment you need it the most.

3.Manage unused airline tickets.

Not many are aware that an average of 10% tickets of flights go unused annually. A TMC can update you when these tickets are being unused and provide you with advance reporting and analysis. It provides you an opportunity to sell them at a lesser margin or offer discounted fares. The same can be applied in terms of hotel bookings.

5.Help you create your corporate travel policy

Since TMCs are experts in their field, they can guide you well with the ins and outs of travel policies and you on the other hand can focus running your business.

6.Provide duty of care support.

In case of an emergency, you should know where your travellers are. Online travel companies can help get your employees where they are needed to be but managing their safety once they are there is an important concern well taken care of by many travel management companies.

7.Negotiate air, hotel, and car rental contracts

An Online Hotel Booking Portal for Corporates can fetch you a good deal one day, but it cannot promise consistency, cost cutting and reliable travel for future

Although online travel portals provide immediate gratification of your need, there is no doubt that they lack the tools and services needed to manage a corporate travel support.


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