Why Having an Online Hotel Booking is Beneficial for Hotels?

Online world and more importantly, online market is growing at a rapid rate. People are looking for all kinds of services from spa booking to pet care at the ease of a few clicks. The potential for customers is immense and growing manifolds right as we speak. A hassle-free booking for services online is the best win-win situation for both the company and the consumer.

Stats show that more than 57% of travel-related bookings happen online. This fact along with the growth in users should be reason enough for hotels to come up with their online booking system. People are continuously searching for terms online travel booking and travel management etc., and it is sure to grow even better.

A more detailed rundown on the benefits of having an online hotel booking for hotels are listed below: –

More Bookings

This is an absolute no-brainer. With bookings from different sources like website, Facebook, etc., the numbers are sure to get up. Partnering with online travel agencies helps you to rake in potential customers whereas social media allows you to turn lookers into bookers. Your hotel website along with these sources can effortlessly attract a good number of users and the booking system will turn them into customers. How effectively you leverage this is what matters the most.

No Commissions

When you have your own online booking mechanism in place, there is no need to apply on other websites. While they charge commission on every booking, having your own website or Facebook Page allows you to get top-line revenue completely commission-free. In this way, you become the boss of from where and how much revenue you would like to get.

Low Cancellation Rates

Let’s face it, cancellations are an integral part of the travel industry. With an easy to use online booking portal in-check, customers are less reluctant to cancel their bookings as they would on a non-responsive phone call. While the situation or plan changes can always happen, there is a lesser urge to cancel a booking done with comfort. Providing complete and comprehensive information about all that you offer on the booking system can go a long way in keeping these cancellations to the least.


As we have it, more than 60% of online bookers go through a hotel’s credentials and website before booking. So be it for the best hotel booking sites for b2b or even for a family trip, people are going to go by your brand image. If you have a few testimonials up then our online booking system will get an automatic credibility boost and gain more visitors. Even just having an efficient booking system in place can get you customers from searches like compare b2b hotel booking system.


The benefits of an online booking system are way more than these but these are the major ones for a start. There are no fixed yardsticks to measure the valuation of a robust and online hotel booking mechanism. A web based Online Booking Engine for Corporates might become to be the best addition to your arsenal and there is only one way to find that out.


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