Dread Lab Announce New Range Of Synthetic Dreadlocks In A Range Of New Colours


Business specialising in dreadlock extensions and accessories stocks the latest in synthetic dreadlocks for extension lovers

Dread Lab was set up in 2015 when the owner struggled to find the products he needed nationally. At that stage, importing for personal use became a thriving business, and a relief for dreadlock fans who couldn’t find the accessories and care products they needed.

We are excited to announce the arrival of our new stock of synthetic dreadlock extensions, which come in a variety of colours and two length sizes. These synthetic dreadlocks can be either single or double sided, and come in 25cm or 45 cm. The average width is 0.5-0.75mm wide.

We made sure to get in a range of colours that will leave you spoiled for choice, from dark brown, to reddish brown, lighter brown, honey blonde and blonde. Pink, blue, purple and spring green are available, and come in packs of 10 or in full head packs.

What makes these special, in our opinion, is the quality of the synthetic hair used in the weaving of these synthetic extensions. Owner of Dread Lab, Lloyd Matuszewskyj, added: “we only stock tried and tested products, unless we’ve designed them ourselves, then we know they are of the highest quality. Our newest range of synthetic dreadlock extensions gives you a great variety to choose from”

As Dread lab has grown, we have been able to invest in designing our own lines, but we do stock the best of other dreadlock extensions, like the Elysee Star, in colours such as burgundy red, silver blonde, and snow white, both double and single ended. Our packs contain a range of colours for you to pick and choose.

Not everyone wants to have solid block braid or extensions, so the transitional dreadlock extensions from Elysee Star are in our range too. Examples include, black transitioning to red, or blue, or purple. We even managed to get pink mingled with snow-white in packs of ten.

At Dread Lab, we have made sure to put instructions alongside our product descriptions on our site just in case you are new to your dreadlocks, or if you need a refresher. If yours have been done for you, but you have care questions, our site has got that information for you too.

Dread lab is not just an accessory stop, it’s a place where you can learn more about the world of dreadlocking, and find answers to questions you may have had about all things related to its care.

Dread Lab is a stockist of dreadlock accessories and extensions, amongst other related items. The business was set up in 2015 when the owner had to import all the items that couldn’t be found at home. Since then, the business has grown to custom-design selected products in the industry with much success. For all of your dreadlock needs, Dread Lab has stocked it safely and ready to ship. For more information, go to: https://www.dreadlab.co.uk

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