Tough And Durable Custom-Made Shower Cap For Dreadlocks Or Braids Now Available

Specialised business for dreadlock accessories has had shower caps designed for even the heaviest head of locks, or dreadlocks.

When a business is set up because its founder couldn’t find the products or service at home, or even nationally, it tells you that it is a passion, as well as a convenient service.

This is how Dread Lab was set up. Its founder had to import the items that he’d searched for to no avail back home.

From 2015 till today, time has seen us grow from an online store selling on other platforms to having our very own website. World domination is imminent. Till then, Dread Lab is pleased to announce that it has received new stock that will make showering a good thing again, and not a worry for your long locks, dreadlocks, or braids.

Introducing the new tough and durable, extra large swim cap. It will last more washes than one if you’re careful despite being disposable, and it actually does the job it’s meant to do.

The product comes in two packages. One is a set of 10 extra large shower caps, and the other is a set of 3. They are custom-made, and have double the thickness of other shower caps on the market, measuring at 0.04mmm.

Lloyd Matuszewskyj, the owner of Dread Lab, said of the shower caps: “we had to have these custom-made, along with a lot of our dreadlock accessories, and we must say we’re pleased with the results. We think our customers will love them as much as we do”

At Dread Lab, we stock a wide range of dreadlock accessories from care products to extensions. We source only the quality we’d expect to use on our own heads. Over time, we have become interested in the process of making organic products that are gentle on the head, but that do what they claim to.

Whether you are looking for fun dreadlock accessories or some inspiration, we have invested in a variety of products for our business. If you have had to look overseas for products or accessories, look no longer. We’ve done that part for you, and get better shipping deals as we order in bulk of the products that we don’t have made ourselves, like our new extra large shower caps in our dreadlock accessories range.

We have had record sales this year, which we are certain is due to having specialised products at competitive prices, with quick shipping compared to the time and costs of importing from overseas.
Getting dreadlock accessories is no longer as difficult as it once was, because we do all the hard work for you.

Dread Lab is a stockist of dreadlock accessories and extensions, amongst other dreadlock related items. The business was set up in 2015 when the owner had to import all the items that couldn’t be found at home. Since then, the business has grown to custom-design selected products in the industry with much success. For all of your dreadlock needs, Dread Lab has stocked it safely and ready to ship. For more information, go to:

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