Boost Your Travel Business with B2b and B2c Travel Portal

Development of a strong online portal for corporates is a task that needs some firm capabilities on various levels. Whether you talk about planning the right database or guest user interface design, or a link with suppliers of travel related services, there are numerous tasks that have to be accomplished.

Booking through a corporate travel portal comes with its own benefits. While a B2B is most suitable for transactions that involve dealing with another business, a b2C on the other hand deals with end user clients. Travel portals are the next generation platforms that effectively deliver innovative and easy bookings on the web. It is no surprise that most of the established businesses of the world are greatly influenced due to B2B travel portals by getting higher revenues and enhanced relationships with their customers and partners.

A b2b portal for hotels and travel mainly focuses on supply chain management while B2C websites are responsible for selling the products to end user. It needs no more emphasis that these travel portals are vital for your travel business when it comes to promoting your services and assuring quick returns on your profitable investments. Due to web enabled services and adequate industry experience these websites bring to you some best hotel offers for b2b and hence assure you of higher margins as compared to what you would have got otherwise.

Registering yourself with a b2b travel port is not just an advantage but extremely necessary in today’s times when there is such extreme competitiveness and a race for better margins. Thanks to these hotel portals like the hotel bookings are well taken care of and registered users can avail as much as 30% discount on their bookings.


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