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For small businesses, starting locally is key for growing your brand. If those around you are not aware of your company, you cannot expect to gain more customers and grow into a larger brand. Of course, this requires you to have visibility amongst your community through quality marketing and a great online presence. A huge part of getting acknowledged locally is having a website that is SEO friendly.

Unfortunately for most business owners, you may not have the technological knowledge needed to optimize your website, which can hurt your online visibility. Luckily, you can find companies that can handle these services for you and help you along the way. A great India based company that offers a variety of tech services is Indazo. One of the areas that Indazo specializes in is offering local Search Engine Optimization for small businesses.

When you hire Indazo to handle your local SEO services, they will help you promote your products and services to local customers. They help to assist local businesses in their efforts to drive targeted local traffic to their brand. You can trust this amazing brand as they have been rated as one of the top SEO companies in India by several websites. Their experienced consultants will help to mix both local search engine optimization strategies with other online marketing techniques to give you the best results possible.

The services included in local search engine optimization vary depending on your needs, but the experts at Indazo offer a variety of options for the businesses they work with. Some of these services are; local directory listings, Google Maps and Google Local business listings, Yahoo Local search listings, Windows Live Search Local business listings, Mobile search or Pay Per Call listings, and local search results for websites. For UK clients, they offer listings. Also, for US clients they offer On Page Local SEO Optimization with Localized directory listings on 50 local directories depending on your state.

At Indazo, we do everything in our power to help you get recognized by local customers in your area, which can help drive traffic to your business. We will work with you directly to give you an amazing online presence that beats out your competitors. If you need to increase your website’s visibility, but do not know where to start, now is the time to trust our experts. You can receive a free quote on our services by visiting our website today,” states Anoop Krishnan, Marketing Director of the company.

Indazo is a full-service Search Engine Optimization company that services medium and large sized business throughout India and the world. They offer a variety of services, including; Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Management, Link Building, Online Reputation Management, Web Design, Web Development, Social Media Marketing. Overall, they offer clients the services needed to grow their online presence and internet marketing. Since opening in 2007, they have worked diligently to become the leading internet marketing and SEO company in India. They have been recognized for their outstanding achievements by receiving a variety of awards for their SEO services. To learn more about their many service options, you can visit their website at

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