Industrial Fieldbus Solution Market: An Insight On the Important Factors and Trends Influencing the Market

Industries have started adopting technologically-advanced solution to increase the efficiency of plants and decrease downtime. Industrial fieldbus solution are a part of this advancement. In order to stay ahead of their competitors, industries and other manufacturing plants are soon adopting advanced automation to provide good quality products to their customers as well as maximize their profits and productivity. Industrial fieldbus solution are a part of this advanced automation. Industrial fieldbus solution are a part of industrial communication networks that are connecting factories to the smart factory techniques.

Market Overview:

Industrial fieldbus solution are standardized as IEC 61158 and find use in real-time distributed control system applications. Industrial fieldbus solution represent a group of industrial computer network protocols. Manufacturing assembly lines require distributed control system wherein industrial fieldbus solution are applied. In distributed control systems, there is a Human Machine Interface (HMI) at the top. Then, there is a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) in the middle layer connected to the top layer via Ethernet.

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The bottom layer consists of a fieldbus that links the PLC to the components such as contactors, valves, switches, electric motors, actuators and sensors that do the actual work. Basically, industrial fieldbus solution provide ways to connect instruments in industries or manufacturing plants. Industrial fieldbus solution work on networks that allow a variety of topologies such as tree, star, daisy-chain, branch and ring topologies.

Market Dynamics:

Earlier, RS-232 connectors were used to connect computers. But, only two devices can communicate via RS-232 connectors. RS_2322 connectors operate in a very similar manner to the currently used 4-20 mA schemes for communication. In the 4-20 mA schemes for communication, at the controller level, each device needs to have its own communication point. Industrial fieldbus solution are exactly opposite to the above-mentioned technologies and very similar to LAN-type connections used in homes and offices. In industrial fieldbus solution, a single communication point is required at the controller level such that hundreds of industrial equipment can be connected to each-other. This factor greatly reduces the amount of cabling that was required earlier because the same set of cables are shared in a multi-drop style. Industrialists are now shifting to industrial fieldbus solution and replacing the older similar technologies.

Requirement for optimized plant asset management is another factor that is driving the growth of the Industrial Fieldbus Solution market. Industrial fieldbus solution help operators communicate with sensors and other plant assets in real-time in such a way that operators are able to check the status of the plant assets. This helps in increasing productivity of plant. The integration of IIoT with the industrial fieldbus solution for application in the process industries is enhancing the demand for industrial fieldbus solution in the market. Integration of IIoT with the industrial fieldbus solution provides high performance, better connectivity, security, and safety.

Nowadays, industrial fieldbus solution providers are incorporating devices such that controller does not have to perform the processing task as well. PID control, a type of control scheme is increasingly being installed with the industrial fieldbus solution.

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Market Segmentation:

Industrial Fieldbus Solution market is segmented into three types based on product type, end-user type, and by region.

Based on the product type, Industrial Fieldbus Solution market is segmented into Foundation fieldbus Profibus, SERCOS, Modbus, AS-I, and DeviceNet.

Based on the application type, Industrial Fieldbus Solution market is segmented into power generation, flowmeters, hydrocarbon processing, pressure transmitters, control valves, and other measurement devices.

Based on the region type, Industrial Fieldbus Solution market is segmented into- Latin America, North America, Asia-Pacific Except Japan (APEJ), Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle-East and Africa (MEA) and Japan.

North America holds the highest market share in the Industrial Fieldbus Solution market. Oil and gas industry, in particular, is seeing tremendous demand for the industrial fieldbus solution. Oil and gas plants require industrial fieldbus solution for secure and robust communication that ensure efficient plant operation.

Key Players:

The industrial fieldbus solution market is well-versed with the presence of a lot of vendors in the market. The players in the market are competing with each-other on the parameters such as technological advancements, service support, price, distribution channels, and quality.

Some of the players operating in the Industrial Fieldbus Solution market include – Schneider Electric, Yokogawa Electric, ABB, SAMSON, Emerson Electric, Pepperl+Fuchs, Endress+Hauser, Metso, Siemens, Krohne Group, Azbil Corporation, and Eaton Corporation.

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