Quick Loans UK Specialist Increases Team Size in 2018

My Quick Loan, a quick loans UK specialist, has increased their team size due to growing demand in 2018.

My Quick Loan is a top online loan specialist company that provides clients throughout the United Kingdom with a choice of short term loan solutions to meet their unique financial requirements. This is a very well-established company that accommodates clients with all credit histories, including those with a bad credit report, ensuring that they get the money that they need without delay.

The company offers loans to people with good and bad credit via their website offering an online application process with fast outcomes. Clients can expect to know if their application is approved or declined within seconds and they can have their money in their accounts, literally within minutes of signing the loan agreement. The good news is that the loan agreement is also signed electronically, offering a quick process that you can trust.

My Quick Loan offers payday loans, Christmas loans, student loans, short term loans and more via their website. They offer loans from £100 to £5,000. In most instances clients can expect the money in their bank account within five to ten minutes, depending on the bank the account is held with. Some banks do take slightly longer than others for the funds to become available.

This company offers an easy qualifying criteria, which is why they are able to accommodate clients with any credit history. Their qualifying criteria includes clients are to be over the age of eighteen years old and they must have a United Kingdom bank account. In addition to this, all applicants must be United Kingdom residents in order to qualify. This will be confirmed in your application.

The Sales Director at My Quick Loan, Robert Chapman said “We have recently increased our team size to ensure that we continue to meet the growing demand for our quick loans in the UK. Our team are all experienced and knowledgeable with a wealth of knowledge in the loan industry in the United Kingdom. Our team remains updated on the latest loan products available to ensure our clients unique needs are met at all times.”

My Quick Loan continues to grow as a leader in the short term loan industry in the United Kingdom and they are thrilled with their success to date, achieving their targets in the first and second quarter of this year.

About Us: My Quick Loan is a United Kingdom based online loan specialist company catering to clients on a national scale. This well-established company offers an easy online application process and fast acceptance on loans ranging from £100 to £5,000. the company offers all loan types from short payday loans to short term loans and Christmas Loans to student loans. They offer their clients money within minutes, depending on the bank they have an account with. Easy qualifying criteria includes being over the age of eighteen, having a United Kingdom bank account and being a UK resident. To find out more, visit www.my-quickloan.com.

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