Kohler Launches Mica Round Slim Rim Basin

Thin and delicate-looking, the Kohler Mica basin’s super-ceramic material is extremely strong and durable.  Its CleanCoat stain-resistant coating also keeps it glossy and immaculate, maintaining the design’s classic beauty and elegance, without a compromise on quality.

Kohler’s Mica basin is a simple yet stunning addition to any modern bathroom’s aesthetic. Black is having a major moment in bathrooms and the new, super slim, statement-making basin from Kohler is no exception. The beautifully elegant Mica honed black countertop vessel is an immediate heart-stopper.  In both a square and round format these basins bring a very refined sense of style to any bathroom – but that is only part of the story.

Kohler has developed a super-ceramic whereby the walls of the basin are incredibly slim – just 6mm – giving the appearance of extreme delicacy and elegance.  Yet the Mica basins are outstandingly durable and even harder than traditional vitreous china.

Each of the basins feature Kohler’s CleanCoat™ finish that creates an invisible stain-resistant surface that ensures the basin retains its original glossy, pristine good looks after many years of use.   CleanCoat technology, which prevents bacteria, mildew and mineral deposits from sticking to the bowl, so the basin stays cleaner longer.

CleanCoat combines cutting-edge chemistry with material science and process engineering to create a surface that’s extremely easy to keep clean. Specialized nanoparticles organise themselves evenly in an ultra-thin layer. Binding particles attach to the basin. Repellent particles organise towards the surface, deflecting water, dirt and lime scale. The treated surface repels water and dirt, letting it run off in droplets instead of calcifying in place. It also minimizes debris from sticking for an effortless clean.

The Mica countertop basins in honed black come in two designs – 393mm square and a 410mm diameter round version.  There are also gloss white versions of the Mica available. The Mica Countertop Vessels, by Kohler are available nationally from retailers. Minimalist, super slim design makes Mica a striking focal point in the bathroom. Its compellingly clean silhouette complements a variety of contemporary bathroom decor. Simple and smooth lines make it easy to clean.

Kohler is one of the world’s largest bathroom specialists. Their designs seamlessly merge technology with design. The Mica Vessel range is slim, sleek, and ultra-contemporary. Since 1873, Kohler has been leading the way in style, innovation and providing exceptional products and services. The company has firmly established itself as a ****** leader in bathroom and kitchen products – providing total design solutions that strike a perfect balance between form and function.

For more information on toilets Australia, Kohler sinks, bath tapware and other products, visit https://kohler.com.au/ .

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