Smartway Builders offer sleepouts and cabins for Wellington homes

Wellington-based home building and renovation experts Smartway Builders have begun to build and offer sleepouts and cabins for homeowners in the Wellington region, giving people an option for expanding the capacity of their home without having to undertake any renovations to the main body of the house.

Smartway, who have over 150 years of experience as home builders and renovators, identified a need in the lack of availability of high-quality sleepouts and cabins built to the NZ building code, so that Wellington homeowners who don’t want to go through with comparatively time-consuming and expensive renovations can add space and rooms to their houses easily and quickly.

The classic New Zealand image of a sleepout designates it as a place to house visiting relatives or friends in town, but in 2018 people are using sleepouts for many other different purposes – for example, they can be a home office or studio for someone that works from home, or families in small houses can use them as bedrooms or playrooms for children – older children particularly enjoy having their own space away from the rest of the family. Of course, sleepouts can also be used as the quintessential ‘granny flat’ for an elderly relative who needs to live close but retain their independence.

Furthermore, with holidaymakers and tourists being more than happy to rent sleepouts and cabins to stay in through services such as Airbnb, it’s entirely possible for homeowners with these kinds of detached buildings on their property to bring in hundreds of dollars a week in extra revenue, meaning that a sleepout could essentially pay for itself in no time.

Anyone interested in finding out more information or ordering a sleepout or cabin for your property from one of the most building companies Wellington has to offer can visit Smartway Builders online at and take a step towards expanding their home in the easiest way possible.


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