Sell Original Artwork Online with Art Prism in 2018

Art Prism helps talented and emerging artists sell original artwork online in 2018.

Art Prism is a new curated art marketplace that supports fine artists. This new ****** website is gaining popularity for affordable fine art, offering their art via their online gallery to clients from around the world who are looking for high quality and affordable art works for the office or home.

This online gallery offers a ****** service with a wide range of price ranges for clients to choose from. Their extensive selection includes paintings, drawings, mixed media, prints, photographs and sculptures. All art has been hand selected and it originals, so clients can buy with complete confidence.

Art Prism supports talented and emerging artists from around the world offering an easy solution to showcasing their artwork to a ****** customer base via the internet. The company has build up a solid reputation with artists, providing them with an affordable solution to sell their art in a safe and secure manner.

The experienced team at Art Prism are knowledgeable and experienced offering clients a first class service that they deserve. The team are all passionate in what they do, they love art and this passion shines through whether they are dealing with artists or clients. Based in Nottingham in the United Kingdom, the team keep their site updated to ensure their clients always have access to the finest arts at the best possible prices.

During a recent interview, the Curator at Art Prism, Rhiannon Flood said “We help emerging artists reach a much wider audience. Once they have completed and submitted their online registration form, artists have free access to the website. We do not charge per listing. The only charge our artists pay is the twenty percent commission that we charge. All artists get to create and manage their own stores on our site, so they can update their stores with new pieces, removing any sold pieces. In addition to this, we do not require that our artists only sell through us and they are welcome to sell their art through other modes as well.”

Art Prism continues to grow in demand as a leading art marketplace online. As a new company, they are already seeing a high demand for their services as new artists join the site to promote their pieces and share their art with the world in confidence.

Art Prism is a curated art marketplace that supports fine artists online. This is a new online marketplace, based in Nottingham in the United Kingdom and catering to artists and clients from around the world. The company is gaining popularity for their affordable fine art with an easy search option with a choice of price ranges. Art Prism offers an extensive selection of paintings, drawings, mixed media, prints, photographs and sculptures. All items are originals and have been hand selected by the small and dedicated team who have a passion for what they do. For convenient access to affordable art from talented and emerging artists, visit their website at

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