An Interview with great artist Alejandra Linares

An Interview with great artist Alejandra Linares

The trending graphic designer, painter and an illustrator from Venezuela Alejandra Linares today July 31st/July/2018 was in an interview where she described much about herself, background life, and her ambitions and also shares her philosophy. As a young artist who lives in Miami had much to say about herself is very passionate about her profession and life.

Alejandra defines success in her way but not different from others, but it is unique. She believes that when one wakes up every dawn and do what they love is one of her way of success and as she ages she gets to know it is something that does not happen to everyone, so she gives much appreciation for her living. The gifted illustrator characterizes herself in two definite ways she is organized but also chaotic. She knowingly and voluntarily creates her chaos at artwork to challenge and gauge herself to see if she can invent another path to approach her work and then she reorganizes it. She feels quite fabulous, and everything is in line if her work is perfect thus no room for errors.

Furthermore, she feels excellent when she finds no space for her learning new things.
She finds three things that impact her since her infantile life to date. Those things are:- Growing up in Venezuela, she has met the most captivating artist who has stirred her to follow her ambitions.- Her mom who is an art teacher and she was the leading person to teach her art and her acuity in it.- Music which has been the significant ingredient since people who loved it surrounded her.
Life can be frustrating sometimes and too keep moving one needs joy and doing so, and she loves altering her stuff around. She changes her designing and painting often. When handling digital projects, she loves having a new approach from her routine when painting on canvas because she believes different mediums makes one composition different thus what you build is different.

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