Ningbo Finotek Specializes in Standard and Custom Hydraulic Manifolds for Multiple Industries


Ningbo, China – (August 4, 2018) – Ningbo Finotek Machinery Co., Ltd. is a leader in the hydraulic manifold industry, providing series, standard and custom designed products for functions ranging from engineering and factory automation to mobile applications.

Ningbo Finotek hydraulic manifolds, hydraulic blocks and hydraulic valve manifolds are utilized in machines for industrial fields that include mining, quarrying, agriculture and forestry. The company also supplies products for waste and recycling, construction, and materials handling. Hydraulic subplates and cartridge valve bodies are also available.

All hydraulic systems are not the same. They’re highly complex and complicated pieces of equipment and different applications require different mechanical specifications. Ningbo Finotek Machinery products are offered in aluminum, carbon steel, ductile iron, brass and stainless steel.

Bulk orders are welcome and all manifold blocks are manufactured by highly precise digital machines that are designed for easy maintenance that provide lower operational costs. A variety of custom solutions are available from Ningbo Finotek that includes hydraulic manifold blocks of steel or aluminum, distributor blocks and spool valve blocks.

The company’s manifold blocks meet CETOP, NFPF, DIN2430 and ISO4401 standards. Heavy-duty carbon steel manifolds can provide maximum pressure of 60Mpa (600bar, 8700 psi), while aluminum hydraulic manifolds can deliver a maximum pressure of 21Mpa (2100bar, 3045psi).

The subplates available at Ningbo Finotek provide a stable and durable mounting pad to accommodate a comprehensive range of port styles for existing or replacement hydraulic blocks and manifolds. They’re equally applicable for completely new and custom solutions. Cartridge valve bodies are also available in heavy-duty carbon steel or an aluminum alloy.

To order, individuals will need to know the thickness of the valve block, the wall thickness of each port, and the size of the flow and pilot chamber. The professionals at Ningbo Finotek Machinery are always available to assist clients with their needs.

The hydraulic manifolds, hydraulic blocks and hydraulic valve manifolds available at Ningbo Finotek Machinery Co., Ltd. provides businesses with the standard and custom products they need in a multitude of industries. Prompt service, knowledgeable experts and affordability have all contributed to making Ningbo Finotek a leader within the industry.

About Ningbo Zhenhai Finotek Machinery Co., Ltd.
The focus at Ningbo Finotek Machinery is hydraulic sandwich manifolds, cartridge valve manifolds, hydraulic subplates, block cover plates, valve adaptors and custom manifolds for markets around the world. Our mission is to produce standard models with competitive prices and the finest quality. A 3D model is designed for custom manifolds and dimensions are checked and confirmed before work begins.

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