72 Independence Day at Kansas Overseas Careers: Immigration benefits to first 72 applicants

Hyderabad, India, August 4, 2018: Skilled professionals residing in India and seeking for a permanent residence visa of Quebec, Canada or Australia now have a good chance to experience a low budget process. Generally, getting a permanent residency status of Canada or Australia involves an investment of lakhs. But, for this Independence Week, the process comes to you at a very minimal price along with several additional services that make immigration seamless and easier.

Kansas Overseas Careers, a trusted name in immigration services and a visa consultant ranked in top 10 Immigration Consultants in India has announced a special week for skilled professionals in celebrations of 72 years of Indian Freedom. ‘During this event, Indian nationals can apply for an international status by applying for PR visa at less cost; upon evaluating ranking and meeting all immigration parameters’, says Kansas Overseas Careers.

When talked about this event in detail, this event runs till August 15 2018. A team of qualified visa consultants in Bangalore, Chennai, Vizag and Hyderabad will offer free guidance on ****** careers, available immigration options, changing rules of the migration world, benefits of immigration etc. Profile evaluation and eligibility checks are done for you by India’s best evaluation experts, either online or in offices of Kansas Overseas Careers, as per your convenience.  Kansas Overseas Careers says that first 72 applicants till Aug 15 will get 7 free services and 2 benefits on immigration. When asked of what these benefits and free services would include, below deliverables were marked:

2 Benefits: 34% off on regular service fee and a dedicated case officer

Instead of assigning your case to various team members, which sometimes complicate the process, a dedicated case officer will take care of the process from start to end. During the time of registration on full onetime payment, 34% off will be given to eligible candidates. However, this may be restricted to only first 72 enrollments. Hence, it is best to rush for the chance and save thousands than to miss and regret it later.

7 Free Services: Additional services at no extra charge

Is it not great that while your visa is in process someone does the work of searching for good jobs abroad for you? Kansas Overseas Careers, for your ease, hires professional resume writers to give that first impression appeal to your resumes and help you connect to ****** employers.  Simultaneously, proficient job analysts analyze the ****** job market and in assistance of marketing analysts, apply for abroad jobs that are relevant to your profile. With these three services, customized orientation, guidance in province/state selection, documents verification and concierge services can be claimed at no additional cost.

Getting visas of Canada or Australia in a less cost is always a golden opportunity that is never to be missed. Another important point to consider this as a golden time of the year to apply for immigration is that both Canada, Australia have a limited immigration target. To reach these targets at a faster pace, they brought several flexibilities to their points-based immigration systems. By time, as they reach their economic needs, they may either restrict immigration or end it completely, similar to that of the United States and Denmark. Therefore, candidates who want to immigrate to Australia or Canada must initiate their visa process before amendments or restrictions are made on the rules.

For further guidance on the event or to seek more information on immigration services, it is best suggested to consultant immigration agents of Kansas Overseas Careers in Hyderabad, Vizag, Chennai or Bangalore.

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