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For those who are in need of a cross-border tax accountant Toronto and the nearby areas, EPC Accounting can help. They carry remarkable experience with United States and cross-border tax services, and the professional team stays on top of tax rules and regulations and guidelines in both Canada and the United States.

Now, more than ever, businesses in Canada are looking south of the border to make new streams of gains. While technology has made it simpler and faster to conduct ****** transactions, the US tax code stays perplexing for an indefinite period. For individuals and corporations that travel between the United States and Canada, working in applicable tax duties and obligations can often become extremely complicated and convoluted that even lucrative plans become apparently undesirable.

Small business accountant Toronto helps entrepreneurs file in Canada and in the United States. Taxation can be the most complex and frustrating parts of working for a cross-border company. As professionals in Canadian income taxes, the team of professional accountants at EPC Accountant can guide business owners through the possible pitfalls of dual taxation and assist in insuring that they pay just what they legally owe.

EPC Accounting also helps small business owners in knowing and exercising their rights established in the US-Canada Income Tax Treaty. By getting the service of EPC Accounting for personal and corporate US tax services, Toronto-area businesses and families can gain from their years of experience as chartered, licensed, and certified accountants in Canada and in the US. Whether business owners are starting to a build a business across the border, or completing a tax return for expatriate workers, this company has licensed small business accountant Toronto that can provide services and advice they can use toward their future success.

At one time or another, many Toronto companies have felt the attraction of cashing in on the US lucrative business atmosphere.

The skilled and seasoned cross-border tax accountant Toronto can assist in determining if the expansion plan is possible and help in putting a plan into motion. EPC Accounting can also provide advice on business entity structuring, partnerships, in corporations, and transitioning single and dual proprietorships, which are moving from Canada to the US or vice-versa.

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