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Art Prism, a curated art marketplace, enabling clients to buy photo prints online at affordable prices.

Art Prism is a leading art marketplace that is curated and designed to support artists. This is a new marketplace based in Nottingham in the United Kingdom, but caters to artists and clients from around the world, putting them in touch with each other, so that they are guaranteed to find the perfect piece based on their unique needs.

This company comprises of a small experienced team of dedicated professionals who are passionate when it comes to helping emerging and talented artists market their pieces. The team work hard behind the scenes, using their wealth of industry knowledge and experience to provide clients and artists with the valuable advice, assistance and support they need with low commission rates.

Art Prism offers affordable fine art with an easy to use website which is overflowing with valuable information. Clients can take advantage of the easy search function and choice of price ranges to quickly find that perfect piece that will meet their particular requirements. Clients can browse at any time, place an order with confidence and enjoy the added benefit of to the door delivery.

The company offers an extensive selection of hand selected quality pieces including paintings, drawings, sculptures, mixed media pieces, photographs and prints. The full selection can be viewed online with ease and confidence and purchased with a few simple clicks of the computer mouse. Due to the fact the company does not operate from a high street gallery, they ask a very low commission which ensures all artwork prices are kept affordable.

Rhiannon Flood, the Curator at Art Prism, said during a recent interview, “We enable our clients to buy photo prints online with ease. Our emerging and talented artists range from painters to sculptures to photographers. We are delighted to be in the position to introduce clients to some of the top emerging artists, enabling them to acquire beautiful prices without the expensive gallery price tag. We ensure all pieces are delivered to the door using trusted shipping partners.”

Art Prism continues to grow as a top choice for emerging artists who are looking to market their pieces to a ****** customer base. The company has enjoyed record sales in the first half of this year and they are expecting the demand to continue well into the future.

Art Prism is a curated art marketplace that supports fine artists online. This is a new online marketplace, based in Nottingham in the United Kingdom and catering to artists and clients from around the world. The company is gaining popularity for their affordable fine art with an easy search option with a choice of price ranges. Art Prism offers an extensive selection of paintings, drawings, mixed media, prints, photographs and sculptures. All items are originals and have been hand selected by the small and dedicated team who have a passion for what they do. For convenient access to affordable art from talented and emerging artists, visit their website at

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