Access To Study Opportunities Depends On English Test Level

Testing English level against International standards for English language proficiency

Most students wanting to study English or pursue studies or a career in an English-speaking country want to know their English level before making an application. The situation is the same for people wanting to apply for jobs that require English proficiency, but are unsure of their level and eligibility to apply.

Loxdale English Centre in Brighton is sympathetic towards students who would like to have confidence in their English level before they apply to join an English course. They understand how nervewracking it can be to put oneself forward without being confident of one’s abilities. For this reason, they have included an English level test on their website as well as the CEFR.

The CEFR is the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages,” says Zoe Smith, Marketing Officer for Loxdale English Centre. “It is an international standard for describing language ability. The CEFR describes language ability on a six point scale from A1 for beginners up to C2 for those who have mastered a language.”

The CEFR can be found the Loxdale website to use for self assessment. It is the same scale that is used by teachers, employers and education institutions to compare the levels of different qualifications and set requirements for particular courses.

Prospective students are also able to click on a link that will take them through to an English language level test that can be completed online at no cost,” says Zoe Smith. “But for extra reassurance, all students who come to Loxdale English Centre sit a placement test on their first day to ensure they are placed in the correct class for their level of ability.”

There are a number of tests that are used at English-speaking universities and in English-speaking countries to assess level of English proficiency. These include IELTS as well as the OET. IELTS is used to measure English proficiency for further studies at an English-speaking university or higher education institution. OET is specifically for certain professions as an entrance requirement.

There are a number of other tests that are available to take, but the most important thing to remember is the they all rely on the same basic principle of confidence and a certain level of proficiency in the English language with regards to listening, understanding, speaking, reading and writing,” says Smith. “The best and only way to achieve progress is through learning and practise.”

It is said in English that practise makes perfect. There is no better way to practise English and improve fluency and competence than by being surrounded by the language, learning and practising in a range of different contexts and topics, hearing English all the time and needing to practise speaking to make oneself understood.

This is where Loxdale English Centre in Brighton really shines,” says Smith. “We offer an experience where our students are completely immersed in the English language and surrounded by like-minded students from around the world so that they can learn the language faster and better and reach a higher understanding of the particular ins and outs of the English language.”

Loxdale English Centre in Brighton, England, offers a range of courses tailored to students’ particular needs. General English courses are available, as are Intensive English courses. English PLUS is a popular course where students can combine learning English with learning another subject of interest to them, including photography, history, art, fashion or culture.

Loxdale is unique in that we also offer Family Courses tailored to each family’s learning needs while still allowing them to have an excellent holiday in a vibrant seaside town,” says Smith. “We offers courses specifically for younger learners as well as students aged 40 plus. One to one lessons are also available for the fastest progress.”

There is no need to fear an English level test at Loxdale. There is a course to suit every age and ability to facilitate excellent progress in a short amount of time, opening doors to lifelong education and career opportunities,” Smith concludes.

Loxdale English Centre was founded in 1968 and has run high quality English courses for thousands of students for the past 50 years. Most Loxdale English Centre language teachers have several years of experience in teaching English as a foreign language. The School is accredited by the British Council for teaching English and is a member of English UK. Loxdale English Centre welcomes international adult students all year round and has special programmes during January and February and during the summer for young learners. Closed courses for adults and young learners are also accepted at any time out of the summer period. Loxdale actively encourages critical study while nurturing tolerance and respect for all people, cultures and ideas. Whilst always maintaining the highest academic standards, Loxdale courses are competitively priced and represent excellent value for money. For more information, please visit:

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