Dreadlock Care Specialist Announces Rise in Demand in 2018

Dread Lab, a dreadlock care specialist, has announced a rise in demand this year.

Dread Lab is a leading dreadlock specialist company that operates online from their base in Lincoln in the United Kingdom. This small business is well established offering years of experience combined with a full range of maintenance and care products for clients who want to care for their dreadlocks.

The company is owned and operated by Lloyd Matuszewskyj, who had trouble finding quality care and maintenance products for is own dreadlocks. Over the years he has built long term relationships with ****** suppliers and is able to provide the full range of quality products at great prices, ensuring clients enjoy a value for money service.

Dread Lab offers a host of quality products and accessories via the website, which is overflowing with information. All products have been hand selected and tested, ensuring that they meet the company’s high quality standards and will provide clients with the quality products that they need to grow and care for their dreads in the long run.

This company ensures that they keep ample stock of their full range, ensuring that they can provide the fastest dispatch and delivery times directly from within the United Kingdom. Some of the products clients can expect to find on the informative website includes dreadlock shampoos, including dry shampoo, conditioners, oils, headbands, hats and more.

During a recent interview, Lloyd Matuszewskyj, the owner of Dread Lab said “Growing my dreadlocks was trial and error, as there were not affordable priced quality hair care products just for dreadlocks. I had to import all the hair products I needed and over the years I forged great relationships with my suppliers, who are from around the world. My passion is to provide the best care and maintenance products for dreadlocks at realistic prices and the fact that there is a significant rise in demand for our products shows that this is a reality. The rise in demand is welcomed and we have already enjoyed a very successful first half of the year. I am making having dreadlocks easy and hassle free in 2018.”

Dread Lab continues to grow as a leading choice for dreadlock hair care and maintenance products throughout the United Kingdom and the company is prepared for the busy months ahead.

Dread Lab is a small business located in Lincoln in the United Kingdom that was started by Lloyd Matuszewskyj who struggled to find quality maintenance and care products to look after his growing dreadlocks. Over time he built up an excellent reputation with ****** suppliers and secured great prices which resulted in him opening Dread Lab and making these products available to all the other people in the country with dreadlocks. Today the site is overflowing with valuable information, a host of quality products and accessories. To find out more, visit https://www.dreadlab.co.uk

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