Importance of Online Hotel Booking Engine

The hotel industry is on an all-time bloom all across the globe. The requirement of suitable hotel options has increased multifold in the past few years, especially due to globalisation and increase in the number of business travellers. Bookings are now also needed to be made in advance in order to confirm the availability. With the advancement of technology and internet along with online hotel booking and travel management in India, booking hotels online has become extremely easy and convenient.

There is no need for people to go personally to the hotel and check availability of rooms. With the help of online hotel reservation sites in India, every information is right at the click of a button and the customer can check the status himself in order to make a sound decision. Once a room is booked online, it gets unavailable to other customers hence avoiding confusion regarding double bookings etc.

Besides that, the moment a booking is made, the customer is given a confirmation mail along with a booking number. The customer can take a print out and show it to the hotel as a proof of booking.

In order to be a successful online booking engine for corporates here are some essential features:

1.A form to be filled by the customer to make the booking process simple. It should have a few specific details like number of rooms, category and dates for which the rooms are required. It is important to avoid asking irrelevant details that may distract the customer.

2.It is important for the search results to load fast as today’s business traveller does not have time patience to wait for the page to load and resulst displayed.

3.In order to avoid confusions, the rooms that are already booked should be marked “sold out”.

4.A hotel is one of the key factors that can make or break the trip of a business traveller, hence, he would like to see the pictures f the room before making the booking. It is therefore a good idea for the hotel booking engine to have high quality pictures of the room from different angles to have a look at the room.

5.There should be a clear display of room tariff. The booking engine should avoid hidden costs and it is suggested that the prices are displayed with taxes and other charges pre included.

If you are not sure which hotel booking website to go for, offers a wide range of well-known and reputed hotels all across the world to search and compare hotel rates before making the booking.


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