To Mark the Occasion Of IT And Engineer’s Day, We Are Conducting An Event To Honor Both

Indian IT Professionals and Engineers are benefiting from an impressive turnaround in demand from most developed economies such as Canada and Australia. Companies there require qualified IT professionals and Engineers as the scope of new technologies grow, so does the demand for these professionals are increased. We find some technologies develop so fast that there exists no time to train the necessary personnel and there might be none among the current specialists. Inviting foreign workers is common to fill the gap.

If you are IT Professional or an Engineer, you have a good chance to succeed provided you get the right assistance as well as guidance by Kansas Overseas Careers. We are one of the top immigration consultants in the nation; we have served thousands of satisfied clients helping them with a variety of options to migrate abroad. All our immigration experts are well trained and have a good amount of experience which enables us to attain a high success rate.

In Canada, nearing to 216,000 IT professionals are required by the year 2019. Those who migrate and occupy the above role they would earn up to $66,950. Even Australia needs foreign workers. As per ACS, in this nation more than 85% of new jobs in IT were occupied by foreign workers. The number of IT workers in Australia would increase to 722,000 in 2020 from 600,000 in 2014. As there exists high demand, many of the IT professional working abroad do not stay in the same role for a longer period they tend to move for better opportunity. Hence, more opportunities are created.

Apart from IT professionals, the other profession which has high demand is Engineers.  In the next 3 years nearing to 90,000 engineers are set to retire in Canada, in order to fill the above positions this nation and its employers are relying on skilled engineers from foreign nations such as India, US and China etc. The above nation also desires to use immigration as key to attract them. Even in Australia, we find domestic talent is insufficient to meet the demand; hence it is also relying on immigrants to fill the gap. As per APESMA study, it has been found that each year, an Engineer (from any discipline) is able to draw a salary in the range of $100,000 and $120,000.

Five days we are organizing an event exclusively for IT professionals and engineers, we are providing five benefits which would help them have a privileged pathway for migration, the benefits include

  • Dedicated process by the most practiced officer
  • Employee accepted resume from writers of
  • 50+ Profile specific job searches & Posting
  • Spouse visa process & Job search help
  • Discount on service fee(34% till Sep 15, 2018 and 28% till Sep 18, 2018)

We hope the above news will definitely bring cheers to all IT professionals and Engineers who aspire to apply for a visa and migrate abroad. Kansas Overseas Careers has trusted immigration experts not only help you know which pathway will suit you the best, but also help you know why your chances of getting selected is high. If you wish to know more details, do not hesitate to reach us, dial 040-40307077 or write to­. For a person-oriented consultation, visit the nearest branch in Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore and Vizag.

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