Travel Portal and its Several Benefits

People, especially those who are planning to take a cross-continental tour for the very first time as a business traveller might be curious and interested in knowing about the benefits of using a corporate travel portal. These OTAs – Online Tour Agencies are often one of the best source to chalk out an emergency corporate trip. However, there is more to offer than just a trip. There are several aspects of these B2B travel websites that are often not known. One of the most used facility is flight booking. But a host of other bookings like hotel and flight bookings, land packages and cab rentals is what makes these travel portals popular.

Flights Booking

One of the first and most important service of travel portals is flight booking for domestic as well as international journeys. It has never been easier to make a flight booking for a last minute corporate trip and book your choice of seats too. While the booking can easily be done on the official website , a travel portal gives a host of options as far as flying is concerned. The portal gives out a list of all favoured airlines operating in your chosen region, something that you miss out on the official website. Needless to say, looking out for individual flights may take up a lot of time which is otherwise saved by viewing combined options on a single page.

Hotel Reservations

Undoubtedly the most important factor when it comes to a business trip is the hotel. Websites dedicated for hotel reservations take the arrangements of accommodation in a suitable manner. The websites, dedicated for hotel bookings for corporates have tie ups with popular hotel chains across the globe, hence allowing you to book hotel at special discounted rates. This helps the traveller plan their entire itinerary even before they have started packing their bags for the trip. Another benefit of a travel portal is the option of multiple bookings. This allows the traveller to make flight and hotel bookings in a single transaction.

Travel Packages for Busy Travellers

Another benefit of using a travel portal is pre-made travel packages for various popular destinations. These websites offer a detailed itinerary, one of the favourites of people who hate planning their travel on their own. These portals not just offer a complete travel package but also take care of other provisions like Visa, transports and meal options. This is also an important tool for companies planning corporate retreat for their employees as they can avail special prices on group tours.


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