Artists to benefit greatly as they sell their Art for Low Commission through Online Platform Art Prism

Leading online service for artists and their buyers offering artists a really low commission for finding them the buyers

Online based UK promoter of original art works Art Prism is bringing a service to both art lovers and artists that enables them to benefit from their association with the firm. They advertise artists’ work on their site to make it easy for buyers to peruse a great number of original pieces from artists world-wide, instead of the limited offerings found in traditional art galleries.

For the buyer it means a much greater pool to choose from, and for the artist the great many buyers he/she can potentially reach makes it worth their while to advertise through Art Prism. One of the great benefits for the artist is the low commission that Art Prism charges, as opposed to what happens at art galleries or when dealers market an artist’s work.

The firm charges only 20% on the sales price. This has the effect that artists can, whenever they want a fairly quick sale under specific circumstances, price their work in order to promote this quicker sale. For the buyer, on the other hand, it means acquiring a great work of art at a much more reasonable price than may otherwise have been the case.

The firm’s Curator Rhiannon Flood was interviewed about this commission structure recently. She said, “We are fast becoming a marketer of choice for those artists that want to benefit from our extensive buyer’s pool, and that at a low commission of 20%.

This is a great incentive for artists to come to us. And likewise the buyers are often offered great pieces at a reasonable price, much more so than would have been the case if the artist had to pay a higher commission to the person or company selling their work. We invite everybody to look at our site and benefit from this attractive commission structure.”

Art Prism offers a great selection of different art pieces in various media. Among their offerings there are original paintings, sculptures and examples of outstanding photography as well as prints, to name a few.

To order any of the pieces, customers simply log on to the site and follow the instructions. Once payment has been effected, the artist will ship the piece to the buyer. Art Prism’s service makes it easy for buyers and artists to conduct a transaction in this fashion.

About Us

At Art Prism we are enthusiastic about what we do and the service we deliver to both artists and buyers of art who contact us. We are not a supplier; we act as the go-between to ensure that sellers of art works deliver their work to buyers. We do control the process however, and we assure all clients of a great service that sees outstanding art works change hands. Our artists include a hand-picked group of up and coming, as well as experienced artists. Because we deal with such a diverse group of artists, we offer a great range to our buyers. Artists who deal with us enjoy great exposure for minimal commission. For more detailed information about us, please log on to

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