Using Art Prism as introductory Platform in 2018 and beyond anybody can now Buy Original Paintings Online

Popular platform makes it easy to buy great art online

Art Prism is a UK based online platform that puts buyers of original art works in touch with a great pool of artists that sell their work online. The process makes it possible for buyers to have access to the work of a great number of artists world-wide, and whilst art lovers enjoy visiting art galleries, they will always be limited to a specific locale and the works of only a few artists.

Art Prism now makes it possible for art lovers to log on, from the comfort of their home, office or car – in fact anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet – and browse a great number of works from artists from different parts of the world.

Among some of the work that artists offer, are examples of excellent photographs, prints and sculptures, as well as some great original paintings. In this regard Rhiannon Flood, Curator at Art Prism was quoted during a recent interview, “At Art Prism we bring our buyers some great examples of all types of art, meaning we are able to offer the buyers a diverse choice in terms of the art we have sourced.

We act as go-between to introduce the works of respected artists to enthusiastic buyers from around the world. As a platform with great experience we are able to offer some truly outstanding pieces in different price ranges. Please peruse our site for some great art work, and do get in touch with us should you require information additional to what our website carries.”

Art Prism offers the buyers some truly great examples of original paintings which they can look at on the website. They are offered in different price ranges, depending on the artist’s experience and profile. Also, some are bigger than others which may influence price too, depending on the background of the artist.

These paintings are all different and are offered in different media. Some come in acrylic, some as examples of water colour, and others in oil or mixed media, for example. Styles differ, which will suit the tastes of individual buyers as everyone buys their art to either complement the decor of their own surrounds or because of an emotional connection with a specific painting. There is a wonderful choice available and buyers have a great selection to choose from.

Buying your art through Art Prism is a straight-forward process as you follow some online instructions, with support from the firm available if you need it.

About Us

At Art Prism we are enthusiastic about what we do and the service we deliver to both artists and buyers of art who contact us. We are not a supplier; we act as the go-between to ensure that sellers of art works deliver their work to buyers. We do control the process however, and we assure all clients of a great service that sees outstanding art works change hands. Our artists include a hand-picked group of up and coming, as well as experienced artists. Because we deal with such a diverse group of artists, we offer a great range to our buyers. Artists who deal with us enjoy great exposure for minimal commission. For more detailed information about us, please log on to

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