Avail 1-Month Free Mental Health Billing with 247MBS

In an effort to provide top-notch billing solutions and to help mental health experts get paid on time, 247MBS, a leading medical billing company has announced its 1-month free billing offer. With this exclusive offer, 247MBS intends on helping providers survive complex billing challenges and get paid on time.


Healthcare expert at 247MBS- “Due to the recent changes in procedure and diagnostic codes, several challenges have cropped up for mental health billing. Even variability in requirements across public and private insurers has posed issues for providers. This is one of the main reasons why managing medical collections has turned into a burden for practice owners. To help providers overcome this challenge, we have come up with this offer. For an entire month, a dedicated team will be assigned to our clients and they won’t be charged for the services.”

Compared to other specialties, managers of mental health practices operate under different and challenging circumstances. Due to the nature of population being served, they have to go through different and more complicated affairs. But with the help of this offer, they will get a chance to assess their need for effective billing services. 247MBS has announced this offer to help providers boost revenue by approximately 30% and reduce operational costs by 50%. With mental health running on thinner margins compared to medical health, profitability can be at stake if practices don’t have skilled and trained billing staff.

“At 247MBS, we understand the fact that even one minor error in coding or any important data can lead to penalties, denials and delayed payments. Billing is an uphill battle for mental health professionals and thanks to the complex rules and regulations of the insurance industry, successful submission of claims has also become a daunting task. This is the reason why we want providers to try our mental health billing services free for a month. It will give them access to top-notch services and by shifting the revenue burden on a third party, they will be able to deliver quality care” – he added.

Some of the most common types of mental health billing errors involve policy violations, documentation and the number of units billed. With this offer, 247MBS aims to help mental health experts maximise productivity, reduce their operational costs, enhance patient engagements and bring down their administrative burdens.

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